Friday, May 17, 2013

Silly baby

It is so fun watching Zoe develop. It's like you get to experience all of these new normally mundane things with them and I dunno, it's just amazing.

I was singing the ABC song to Zoe, and I swear she started to kind of head bob/sway to it and then when I was done, she clapped :D AWWWWWW

And yesterday.... DH was holding her on his lap. She was standing and facing him. I was sitting over on the loveseat which is kind off to the side some so his head was turned as he was talking to me.
Well Zoe decided SHE wanted to be the center of his attention so she leaned over (mostly her head) to in front of his face. It was SOOOOO frickin adorable. Like she was saying " Uhm, Hullo... I'm right here, pay attention!" lol, I'll have to try to get video of it.

Can't wait to see what comes next and I can't wait to go through all of this again with another.
As tired and worn out as I am now, I know it's going to be 100x worse with another lol, but... I can't help it.
I do feel SO SO SO lucky to even have Zoe and if we only ever have her, then I'll be happy, but I'm greedy and want more! :)

I want to start saving up for a nice Disneyworld trip. I think at maybe 5-7 would be a great age to take Zoe to Disney for the first time. I know wanting more kids, we'd have another a little younger (hopefully not that much younger)... but like I said, this would be the first of hopefully a few more trips to come :)
I want a nice trip there though.... as in... EXPENSIVE lol. I want to stay in one of the hotels in one of the parks. I want fast passes... the works. We're already saving some money, just want to make sure some of that is going to go towards the trip I want.
DH just said that he doesn't think his family would be able to afford it. Uhm, HELLO.... this is potentially SEVEN years away, They could come up with something. They do struggle some, but they also waste money on things they don't need too that could go towards the trip *nodnod* And there would always be other options. THEY don't need fast passes. And there could always be shared hotel rooms with eachother which would cut the cost some.
Going to try to get DH to talk to his family tonight about it. Give them a heads up.

And I would love love love love love to eventually take a trip to Hawaii. Hell, who wouldn't right? lol
DH and I both would really love to go. Not sure when that would ever happen though. Probably not until Zoe was at least 10?? At least in realistic terms and saving up to go (and staying somewhere nice, doing fun stuff, etc). But as I pointed out in my big rant before.... DH tends to want these BIG things to happen when we don't have the money for it.

Speaking of money and spending.... We've started to buy stuff for the computer we're building.
Well actually, we bought ONE thing for it, and the rest is for DH's computer that crapped out a few days before mine.
I'm fine with that though :) The laptop is nice to have and I'm thankful that we could afford to get it, but it will be nice to have something nicer to play with :D hehe

We're building a 'gaming' pc. Not even sure what kind of games I want to play. I used to keep up with that stuff, but haven't in gosh... almost 2 years now probably.
I know I'd like to start playing World of Warcraft again, and would like to try out Guild Wars, but other than that *shrugs*
This is SO interesting.... NOT lol.

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Anonymous said...

Aww, I love hearing about the new adorable stuff Zoe does! It's so neat!!
Your trip ideas sound amazing!!