Saturday, June 1, 2013

Home alone

Not sure when DH is coming home today. Him and his friends were supposed to be staying up all night, but DH is used to going to bed at 10pm at the latest lol. Not sure how he held up.
Told him not to drive while sleepy so he's probably asleep over there. Oh welp... so long as he gets home safe.

Can I just say again that I am so happy DH isn't the type to go out drinking and doing stupid shit?? Read so many posts from women who have asshole husbands that pick druggy or drink buddy friends over their families and  just feel thankful that DH is not like that and would never be one of those types of people.

Last night was lonely and great at the same time. Lonely b/c I missed him but also great b/c I sprawled all out on our bed lol. I was a human X the whole night and AAAAHHHHHH it was nice to have room to move rofl.
We have a king size bed, but I have this tiny sliver of it while the dog, sometimes the cat, and DH take up the rest. And I'm sure my sliver will get reduced even more once Zoe starts wanting to sleep with us every once in a while heh.

Speaking of Zoe.... she's taking her first nap of the day. She wakes up, wants to eat, then an hour later wants to go back to sleep for about 30min to an hour lol.

Oh, she was in hog heaven last night at dinner. Someone gave her a roll to eat and OMG she ate almost the entire thing!!! The only reason she didn't eat it all was b/c she dropped some. AND she wanted MORE after that! Girl knows how to eat and frickin enjoys it lol.

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