Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hi Dada!!

So, Zoe has been saying Dada every once in a while. Not in context at all and it's just part of her babbling vocabulary.
Welp, yesterday, DH came home from work, and I was holding her and waving to him and saying
"Hi daddy!" or " Hi Dada!"
Well what comes out of her mouth?
" Hi Dada!"
Cue my eyes bulging out of my head!!
She just seems to be repeating it, and she'll say it if you say Hi to her. Not quite sure if she actually realizes what she's saying but it was such a shock and delight to hear her say it! SQUEEEEE
One step closer to talking :D

She also learned a new trick that I've been trying to teach her the wrong way.
That noise that you can make by running your finger up and down your lips while making a sound... or patting the mouth while making a sound... I don't want to say it but easiest way... like stereotypical 'indian' war song kind of thing.
Anyway.... I was trying to teach her it by doing it on myself, then trying on her. She just wasn't getting it though.
I finally figured, maybe I should try it while she's making a noise, she got it instantly. :D It's SO stinkin adorable.

I'm gonna have to figure out a way to post video soon.
Just too cute not to share :)

I talked to DH a bit more about the dog and he wants to wait until Zoe is at least 3. It kinda sucks b/c I would like one NOW lol, but I know waiting would probably be for the best since she'll be a bit older and will be able to interact with a puppy a bit better.

Man, last night SUUUUUUCKED. Zoe was great again... she did wake, but went back to sleep not even 5 minutes later.
I was wide awake though. I woke up at 2:30, didn't get back to sleep until frickin 5!!! Just insomnia mixed with an upset stomach made worse by my stupidity lol.
So I was up, with an upset stomach when I realized that I hadn't taken my nighttime metformin.
Figured I should go ahead and take it..... HUGE mistake. As soon as the metformin hit my system... I was gagging trying not to puke.
I finally said screw it and had to. Thankfully it wasn't a lot, but still... BLEH.
I should've known better but nope.

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