Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rambling a bit

Zoe is finally down for her first nap of the day and I just want to take this opportunity to type out some thoughts.

So apparently, DH is still hell bent on visiting his friends in Europe next year. These are the same people we went on that road trip with.
Now, another European vacation would be nice, don't get me wrong, but I can not see how we would afford it! Not sure where DH thinks we're gonna be getting the money to go.
We did FINALLY open a savings account, but by the time next year rolls around, we'll probably have enough in it for one plane ticket and a little bit of spending money.
We're almost out of credit card debt and I do not want to put another HUGE purchase on it like a trip to Europe that we don't need to take.
And don't get me started on if I'm pregnant which I hope to be (more on that in a min).
I already asked him if we were going to get the next baby an expensive crib to and without missing a beat DH said "Yeah, why wouldn't we?" Nevermind that we would also have to buy another dresser too.
AND we're planning on trading in one of the cars (probably my mazda) to get something larger hopefully before a 2nd child arrives.
Sooooo...... where exactly is the money for a HUGE trip like that supposed to come from again??
Oh and I forgot, we need to refinance our house which takes money........
DH is usually really great with our money, but not in this case. He just sees his friend's FB posts on all of the different places in Europe they've gone while living there and he gets that look in his eyes.
I just want to shake him out of it.
Of course they can travel like they do.
First... They live over there!!!
2nd... His friend's military job pays for almost every large expense they have. Pays for their kids to go to a nice private school. Pays their rent etc... so almost all of his paycheck is free to do with whatever they want. This is why they have super nice things and can vacation to wherever the hell they want.
THEY have the money..... WE don't.

And me getting pregnant.... sigh... not any time soon. Probably not until next year if I don't frickin do something already.
I hate sounding like a broken record. I hate that I allow myself to go back to old ways or to continue being lazy, but I still do it.
What the hell is it going to take for me to finally stick to something??

Enough self pity....

Anyone follow celeb news and see that the choreographer Wade Robson is now saying that Michael Jackson molested him as a child.

It seriously disgusts me that people actually think that MJ WASN'T a child molester and is calling Wade a liar.

MJ exhibited classic pedophile behavior and even admitted to it. Like having sleep overs with kids...
showers, and lord knows what else.
It's like MJ's problems, money and fame have blinded people in to believing or even excusing his behavior.
Yes he made some great music, but that does not mean that somehow makes him incapable of doing some pretty heinous things to children.

I'm not saying Wade is telling the truth or lying or whatever, but it is SO clear that MJ was a child molester and it just makes me so sick when people defend him.

I guess that shouldn't be surprising though. Just look at R Kelly. Actual fucking video proof that he screwed underage girls, but there he is.... still popular and making music.

Look at Chris Brown..... fucking proof that he beat the ever living shit out of Rihanna but he's still popular, making music, getting invited to award shows and whatnot as if nothing ever happened.

Shit like that... that these people get away with and then have IDIOTS defending them just makes you lose faith in humanity sometimes.

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