Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another :D

Zoe has another tooth about to break through! It's one of her upper ones. Not either of the front 2, but one right next to them.
I think the pain or discomfort... however it feels is causing some super grumpiness issues though.
She was obviously tired at bedtime last night, but didn't actually get to sleep until almost 2 hours later. Thankfully she did sleep through though. That seems to be sticking which I'm really thankful for.

UGH DH pissed me off yesterday. Not really anything he did, but what he said. And not even pissed at HIM, just whoever said that babies around this age should only be taking one nap a day.
Kinda ticked at DH for thinking that whatever he reads is the be all end all with NO variations. He's not an idiot by any means, but he takes the baby information as gospel.
Anyway, I got pissed at that and said that she's going to continue to take her 2 naps until SHE doesn't want to any longer.

I really need to wipe off Zoe's jumperoo again. It's so gross. Baby finger foods are disgusting and get nasty slimy goo EVERYWHERE. Then it dries and leaves this crust and just... bleh! lol

Oh I actually exercised yesterday. I know... shocked me too! rofl
I didn't do it until 2:40. I tried to come up with every excuse not to and finally just did it. It's going to be like that for a while.
 Going to have to fight with myself to get it done, but I have to do it. There is no other option. This weight MUST come off if we're ever going to have another LO.
I have to get my cycle back first, and then start tracking ovulation again.
I only have 2 IC OPKs left out of everything. Not going to buy more until I get a period on my own.
I still haven't taken the provera yet. I really need to. I'll start that soon.

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