Monday, May 20, 2013

Back to it then

Gotta make this quick, Zoe is getting restless in her jumper heh.

So, after a nice long bloated couple of weeks eating shit food, we're back to healthy and exercising. I'm going to have to really really REALLY force myself to exercise. Just the thought of it makes me tired lol.
I haven't stepped back on to our scale. I'm afraid to and don't plan on doing it for a while lol.
I can still make that Fall goal of TTC seriously again if I just stick with this.
Dunno why I always sabotage myself though. Just one of those things...

Zoe is doing really great. She's still not sttn completely and often wakes still when she was getting fed before. That's my own fault for getting her used to that. I've been feeding her at 5 though. I think that's fair and she goes back to sleep for a couple more hours which I really need.
She is getting so big. She wants to eat ALL the time it seems.
And her personality is definitely taking shape. She's a silly little diva.

I think her 2 front bottom teeth are going to be showing up soon. Her gums in that area have been swollen for a while now. Other than that, I can see her teeth under her gums whenever I get a look, but nothing has cut yet.

The girl is still obsessed with the cat. Sigh... Had to stop her a dozen times since she got attacked from going after the cat AGAIN lol.
She better not ask for a cat when she gets older. DH and I both agree that this cat will be our last.

She can repeat " Hi Dada" I think I mentioned that already. Don't think she knows what it means though. And she's started doing the baby wave (the fingers thing). So cute.

We found the usb cord for our camera so I can upload some photos. I'll do that later when someone isn't being fussy :D

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Good luck, Lisa! You can do it! FX!!
Love hearing Zoe updates, as always! It's neat that her personality is coming out so much. Uh-oh, the cat thing worries me LOL!