Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nothin much but I'll blab anyway

So lets see, what has been going on.
Mother's day was pretty much like any other day. DH had to work unfortunately so I really didn't get any off time. It was all good though.
Went over to my mom's and had dinner there once DH got off of work and came over.
DH gave me an amazon gift card which I asked for, and he's supposed to be getting me a pear tree :D YAY :D hehe
I know that's kinda weird to get excited about, but I've been bugging him for one for about 2 years now lol.

Zoe is doing well. She's becoming SOOOOOOOO needy though. I don't mind holding her, but it would be nice if she would play with her toys a little longer lol.
I do love holding her. When she sits there and slobbers all over a toy. Not so fun when she takes an interest in my hair though. I swear, she manages to find those few hairs that HURTS LIKE HELL when pulled. rofl
She is fascinated by my hair though so her pulling on it happens often. I really need to get a haircut.

We bought her a few 12m old outfits. They're so cute, but it makes me a little sad that she's getting so big!
We also got her 2 swimsuits. SO frickin adorable!!
I can't wait to take her swimming and/or get her a kiddie pool. She loves taking a bath and I think would really enjoy a pool.

What else what else....
I think that might be it..... at least all I can remember right now.

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