Monday, May 27, 2013

Lazy Lazy

Zoe is down for her first nap finally.
Girl has been fighting her sleep for a solid week + now.
Not sure what the heck is going on with her. Maybe she is teething and it's causing this behavior.

Also, it's going to be a lot easier to wean her off of the bottle. This also makes me think she might be getting teeth soon too, but all of a sudden, she just doesn't want her formula as much any longer.
Yesterday, she only had 12oz of formula the entire day. Again it could just be that her gums are bothering her or something and she'll start wanting her bottle more, but *shrugs*

She does want to eat ALL the time. Not sure if she's going through some kind of growth spurt or what but the girl would probably eat every hour if she could lol.
For the most part she is a good eater, but there have been a few gagging/choking moments when she tries to ram food in to her mouth too quickly.

She is also testing her limits now too. She's always had a fascination for our glasses, but now... now it's gotten to the point of her just grabbing them and not wanting to let go. Not sure if she fully understands the word NO yet, but boy have we been saying it to her lol. She's also gotten in to the bad habit of wanting to hit your face. She's not doing it out of anger or frustration or anything negative though, but we're trying to get her to learn that that isn't acceptable. Difficult when I don't think she understands that yet hehe.

And yes, I'm being lazy posting photos. I swear I will soon. Just gotta get my lazy ass in to motion and do it.

Confession time....
I'm so jealous of some of the women in my due date group. Sigh...
It's actually kind of shocking that none of them have gotten pregnant again yet, BUT some of them are starting to TTC again and I know will most likely get pregnant soon.

It's my own fault. I could be one of them if I had just stuck with healthier living, but oh no...
The ugly green eyed monster is coming out in me and I just can't help but feel it. I don't want to but it's there.
Still determined to start in the Fall though and that's approaching quickly. So even if one of them gets pregnant soon, I know I'll be close behind.. with at least the TTC again aspect :)

And ranting a little.
I'm SO sick and tired of skinny people telling fat people to stop eating and get up off the couch! Herherher.
Now, I know laziness and not exercising are one of the reasons I am fat, BUT I do NOT overeat the majority of the time just like every other person out there.
There are moments when I do overeat on things that I enjoy. Like.... uhm... ice cream or fried chicken (frickin love me some fried chicken) for example.... we don't have either of those often, but when we do, I do tend to eat more than I should.
But other than that... I eat a normal size meal. All of my food fits on to one plate, with more than enough room to pile on more food if I wanted. I'm not sitting here stuffing my face 24/7.
Just pisses me off when people see overweight people as all lazy gluttons that have food in both hands and more coming out of our ears or something.

We're thinking about letting Zoe spend the day with her Granny (MiL) one day. Not sure when though. Probably some time in June since that's when a bunch of movies we want to see comes out heh.
NOT overnight though.
Sleeping like a baby does NOT apply to Zoe.
The girl is very particular about where she sleeps. She'll gladly fall asleep in the car/carseat, and will sleep in her crib, but anywhere else..... not unless she is dead dead dead tired.
AND she is a light sleeper. DH and I have to be SO quiet and careful when checking on her b/c I swear, she can sense us and starts to stir awake. She's not a heavy sleeper at all and MiL's house is VERY loud with her (MiL), their tv, and their fucking yippy ass dogs that bark at the wind every frickin 5 minutes.
Just do not see Zoe spending the night there any time soon.

MiL and her sister's attitudes towards us and Zoe is starting to piss me off. For some reason, they have this fear that we're keeping Zoe from them. Uhm.... what?? Nevermind that we see them almost every damn Friday, AND WE are the ones that call them up on Sunday to see if they're going out to lunch after church so we can go to so they can see her.
I think they're under the impression that we think we're too good for them or something. Absolutely NO idea where they got that idea from. I rant about them a lot on here, but I've NEVER even hinted at anything was wrong before.
It's like when MiL buys Zoe clothes. Some of the stuff is ugly, not going to lie, but I'm still very grateful for it all. Almost all of it is 2nd hand stuff which I have zero problem with. But MiL ALWAYS asks if I'm going to let Zoe wear it because it's 2nd hand.
She knows that I buy Zoe clothes from the 2nd hand shop!!! Just UGH.... does my head in sometimes lol.

What else can I blab about now that I have some ME time! WOO! lol

Other than my guilty pleasure of celebrity news.... I also enjoy reading conspiracy theories lol. I think I've mentioned this before.
Can't help it, I just think they're interesting and it's fun to look at all of the 'evidence'.
Some of them are pretty convincing and I do have a problem with Fluoride in our water. Seriously... there's no reason for that shit to be in it. If the government gave half a shit about our dental health, they would make dental care fucking free.
But anyway!
There is one though that is so frickin INSANE that I can't help but laugh. You can go on youtube and look at the videos people post.
There's a theory that there are reptilian shapeshifters out there. Yeah... you read that shit right. As in frickin 'V' style shit.
The video evidence is mostly slowed down shit of single frames where it looks like the pupils in the eyes turn to slits, or where the person licks their lips or some stupid shit.
I swear, it is the dumbest craziest crap people believe in.
I have my own beliefs and all, but some of the ones out there are just...... wow....

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