Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thank goodness for Ibuprofen!!

Yesterday was MISERABLE. I developed a headache that would NOT go away. Usually Tylenol would take care of it, but not this time.
After my 2nd dose of Tylenol failed to do anything, I finally had to take some ibuprofen. I took a shower which helped a little and went to bed. Woke up b/c Zoe started fussing at around 11pm and still had a headache, but thankfully it was gone when I woke again later.
Just terrible. It must've been something hormonal going on to have caused it.

And as for Zoe. Poor girl was MISERABLE by 5pm. She was so tired and cranky b/c she didn't get in good naps.
DH was lowering her mattress while I watched her in the living room. She actually started to fall asleep on me. That hasn't happened in what seems like forever.
I felt so bad for her, but it was sweet that she fell asleep on me lol.
Funny thing though, once her crib was all done and we put her in it, the girl stayed up for another hour and a half!!
I think it was a classic case of " too tired to sleep".

I do love the crib, but it only has 2 levels.... the up high one, and now, the almost to the floor one. I'm short and have short arms, I have to get on my tiptoes to reach her.... not joking lol. And if her pacifier is on the back of the crib, pffft forget about it b/c I can't reach it.
My back was killing me this morning b/c of having to reach and strain reaching her when she woke.
AND she woke up A LOT. She was so restless the entire night. I'm so drained and pooped today.
Hoping that she'll sleep better tonight since she'll actually have some decent naps today.

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lisabttc said...

Sorry about your awful headache! Yikes! Glad you're feeling better.
I hope Zoe let you get some good rest last night!
I never really thought about that with cribs and having to reach in. I'm not super short, but I'm kinda short. I should probably keep that in mind before we buy one!