Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cut short but still good

So I did go out for a walk with Zoe today.
She's not really used to being in a stroller where she can't see us, so she started fussing some. She only did it twice and then seemed to enjoy herself after a while.
BUT the walk was cut a little short b/c I didn't even think about putting sunscreen on Zoe and the sun was out and BLAZING.
From her waist up was shaded by the stroller, but her poor little legs and feet were in the sun at almost every angle. When I finally realized this, I decided to go back home. I didn't want to risk her getting a sun burn.
So yep... gotta remember some sunblock next time :D
I still managed a 25min walk so not bad :)
And I swear, you really don't realize how hilly your neighborhood is until after you've had to walk it lol.

Also, it was a lot frickin hotter today than what they said it was going to be! I was sweating like crazy! BLEH! That wasn't gonna stop me from doing it, but damn... I hate hot weather :(
Walks outside are totally not going to happen when the weather warms up more LOL. I just can't deal with the heat and needs my AC.

But in the meantime, I'll take Zoe out for walks. I think I'll do it in the morning while it's still a little cool out.
I'll be doing that while I wait to start the exercise thing.

I've been watching before & after weight loss videos on youtube.
I dunno...
While it is motivating seeing that everyday people can and do lose weight and keep it off. It makes me kinda depressed.
It's like, I know they worked hard to achieve their success, but it makes me feel like I will have to work twice as hard to get even half of that.
It's ridiculous but it is what it is. Just something else I need to work on :)

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lisabttc said...

Sounds like a good walk! Other than the heat and sun. I can't deal with the hot temps either! Mornings are a good time. Or even evenings sometimes. Good for you for getting out and doing it!
I know it must be discouraging at times, since you have to work so hard. Keep hanging in there. You're doing a great job! I hope you get the results you deserve! FX!