Monday, April 22, 2013


Posting from the new laptop. So much easier :D

So what has been going on.
We've been giving Zoe those little baby puff finger food things and tried her on mum mums again. She LOVES them both and hasn't gagged on anything.
She still isn't great at feeding herself, but the dogs are benefitting from that lol.
Zoe has been getting rashes though. They go away pretty quick, not even a day, but makes me concerned.
We went to DH's friend's son's first birthday party on Saturday. Zoe had mac & cheese for the first time and loved it heh. She also had a taste of some frosting from a cupcake :P
She ended up getting just a splotch of  a rash on her leg though. No idea what would've caused it and it was gone by the end of the day.

She still doesn't have any teeth poking through. She'll get some eventually I guess hehe.

Her crawling is getting better. She's still doing an army crawl, but she's trying to do it the traditional hands and knees way.
Of course already trying to get in to everything. Surrounded by toys and she goes for the broken off dog toenail in the corner. SIGH and bleh lol.

I'm ok. I only exercised ONCE last week. How embarrassing :(
I was sore which was a good reason not to, but then things just kept coming up and I used them as an excuse not to do anything. Need to stop letting myself make excuses like that.
I'm going to be starting over with week one again. Hopefully this time I won't be too sore to exercise for a few days so I won't get in to that lazy state of mind all over again.

I had a spot of blood last night rght before bed. Well not even a spot, a smudge. Not sure what that is about. Maybe another anov AF? We'll see I guess.

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lisabttc said...

Yay for a new laptop!!
Glad to hear updates on Zoe! She's growing so much!
Aww, don't feel bad hun. Everyone has their ups and downs with exercise and diet. You are doing a good job! Hang in there. <3
Hmm, I hope your cycles straighten out soon!