Monday, April 29, 2013


Not because of Zoe but she sure isn't helping it lol.
It's not her fault though. She started pulling herself up yesterday on the couch. Didn't even think about her crib.
DH mentioned it last night but it was already late and it would've taken a while to lower everything.
Well today, I change her, put her in her crib w/ a bottle and then go out. She would've usually laid in there for a while and taken her first nap of the day. So I go to check on her after a few minutes and find her standing up hanging on to the crib rails. UUUUUGH lol
I can't lower it and I'm not going to leave her in there to potentially fall out so.... no naps!!
She's had 2 very very short ones. I went and saw my mom today and Zoe zonked out in the car there and baack, but that's only maybe 5-10mins of sleep that she got for each nap.
She is beinig pretty fussy right now and it is NOT helping my headache. Tried sitting in her room with her but it just gave her more reason to pull up, look at me and give me a big grin lol.

Oh well though, that's what they make Tylenol for :D

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