Friday, April 12, 2013

Reformat, or.. whatever it's called.

About to do this again. Just delete everything and hopefully get rid of any kind of trojan, spyware, etc.

THEN I'm gonna have to go and redo every password to every site. Such a pain in the butt.

Anyway, we got another visit from FedEx. Them trying to pick up the package. Have I explained that yet?
Oh wait no I haven't.

So DH got home and called the credit card company.
Welp, apparently, right after we got our March bill is when whoever started using the card.
They were having a good ole time buying whatever the hell they wanted all over the net.
NOT counting the $600 box of pills... they charged over $1000 on the card on various websites.

I'm still not sure where they actually got the information.
We do have some of our credit card info saved on some websites, like paypal and amazon, BUT even if they had the passwords to those sites, they can't actually see the numbers of the credit card. They're all X'd out except for the last 4 digits (I think that's the case on paypal? I know it is on Amazon).
We haven't actually entered all of the digits to the credit card in a long time. So I guess maybe my comp was compromised before, and once the info was gotten, they sat on the information until just recently? *shrugs*

I don't go to weird/suspect websites but this shit could be anywhere. So check your computers people! We use norton antivirus on our computers and it didn't protect shit.
Use different ones and go to the microsoft website and use their spyware/virus detector thing.


lisabttc said...

Omg!! I'm so sorry to hear all that! Jeez, craziness. Stupid jerks out there!!

Shari said...

That sucks that you have to go through such a hassel!! I had my debit card compromised right after Christmas. Sometimes it makes you wonder how secure it really is to use your card in the store or the internet.