Monday, April 8, 2013

Something isn't right

Yesterday and today, I was getting random gagging episodes.
And just started a little bit ago, but I all of a sudden got dizzy.

I'm NOT pregnant. I've been using my cheapy tests and there isn't even a hint of a 2nd line on any of them. And just to be sure, I used a FRER and nada.
No positive ovulation either... so *shrugs*

Gonna go chug down some water and see if that helps. Just relax a bit more and hopefully this goes away.

Zoe... sigh... girl is determined to wake up during the night. She woke at 3am this morning. It was just light fussing at first, that soon turned in to her screechy crying. She's getting good at that lol.

DH changed her and I rocked with her a little. Laid her back down, she fussed for about a min longer after I left and went to sleep.
I'm determined not to give her a bottle before 4am even though I know it would make things a lot easier to do it.

Maybe the lack of sleep is causing some of the dizziness. I didn't really sleep well after she woke up. *shrugs*
She's good though...
I have a feeling like she's bored of me though :(
I'm sure she probably is since she sees me ALL the time every single day, but it still hurts a little when she smiles at DH more than me lol.
It's silly I know... just one of those things.

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lisabttc said...

That's weird! I hope you feel better soon! Or I wish you were pregnant :-)

Aww, I hope Zoe stops waking! I can see why it would bother you for her to smile at your hubby more than you. I'm sure that would bother me, too. Hugs! She loves you and you take such good care of her!