Saturday, April 27, 2013

Damnit faulty tests!!!!

Took my usual IC tests this morning. My opks are expiring in 2 months and I've been taking them every once in a while when I remember to.
So anywho, I took an opk and hpt.
Not expecting much. About 10mins go by... well past the time limit. I remember to look at them, and WTF, there's another line on the HPT!!!
BUT the HPT is really streaky w/ a lot of the red dye all over the strip.

I race to the bathroom and pull out an FRER. I still had the same pee in a cup (just in case), used the FRER.
Holy shit... a 2nd line is on it! BUT WAIT.... it's half a line?? Yep... the test line came up as half the line but VERY pink and clear, but the control line... half of it is faded out. UGH... I still hold out some hope and race back to use another FRER. I was already getting flashes of taking a trip to Walmart for more tests and how I was going to tell DH and all of that good stuff and.....
BFN..... SIGH.....
Stupid frickin faulty tests!!!!!!
I took photos of the FRER, but can't post them.
I can forgive the IC test. They're cheap and looking at it now, it seems it was just extra dye or something making its way across, but the FRER... man.... that sucks :(
That really made my heart sink... sigh.

Anyway, enough of that drama...

Zoe is doing great and wants to get in to EVERYTHING now that she is mobile (and getting better at it).
We try to keep her in the living room, since we cleared out that area, but oh no... she wants to explore!
Whenever I see her crawling away, I try to call her back (as if she's a dog or something lol). She'll stop and look at me with this half grin and then continues on.
It's going to be... UUUUGH constant headaches when she has mastered crawling and I don't even want to think about when she starts walking.

She is getting SO big. Put up all of her 3-6m old clothes and will probably have to do the same with her 6m stuff soon. Just looking at her, I can tell her legs have gotten so much longer.

She's also 'talking' a lot more. No real words or anything, but she makes a lot of different sounds.

I know I keep saying it, but she is growing so dang fast.
We're already starting to think about what to do for her birthday.
I don't want to do anything big, but DH wants to do something a little, big... big as in a lot of people.
He's been trying to find out if we can rent the swimming pool for a day at the front of our neighborhood.

Procrastination SUCKS.
I keep putting off exercising, as if losing weight can be put off until the last minute or something. I ALWAYS end up doing this too. It's so stupid, but I always do it. I finally realized it yesterday and just want to smack myself. Weight loss is going to take effort and can NOT be held off until the last minute. Doesn't work like that and my brain needs to finally learn that.

And totally off topic...
Does anyone watch that show Girls?
SiL is letting us use her HBOGo account to watch Game of Thrones and I decided to check out the other show.
Good lord, these are about the most annoying characters EVER!!!
The British one and the main girl are the worst!
The main girl though, I want to punch her in her throat.
I know people get hung up on how she looks, that's not my problem, it's her stank narcissistic attitude problem. Lets get on her appearance. I don't care if she is a little overweight, what gets me though is that they purposely put her character in the dumpiest most unflattering outfits. This is a character that has issues with her appearance and she dresses like THAT? Most of her dresses make her look like she is about 5m pregnant... NM some of the other things she wears.
But like I said, that's not the main issue, I just hate her personality. She is SO self-centered and just not likeable AT ALL.

I still watched ALL of the episodes though.... LOL

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lisabttc said...

Grrrr, stupid pee sticks!!! That's surprising about the FRER! So sucky! Sorry hun. Ugh :-(

EEK, I hope Zoe doesn't get into too much trouble! ;-) That would be a challenging stage for sure!

Good luck hun with your exercising!! Keeping my FX for you. I'm sure you'll get back into a routine soon. Keep hanging in there. I'm rooting for you!

I love Game of Thrones, but haven't watched Girls. Thanks for the heads up. Sounds pretty dumb LOL! I know what you mean though, I usually end up watching stuff like that for the heck of it. LOL.