Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Phantom movement

So, apparently after birth, when your uterus contracts, it feels like a tiny baby moving around in there.
I've been experiencing this for the last few months. Only notice it when I'm laying in bed though. I used to think it was just gas, and I'm sure some of it was, but it's gotta be uterine contractions too.
It's pretty weird and def something that you don't read about anywhere.
I know I'm not the only one that gets this b/c it was brought up in my due date group.
Just one of those weird things.

I keep having dreams about getting surprise BFPs. They're nice dreams but damn such a tease :( I keep using my cheapy IC tests hoping that they'll show me a surprise, but nope. Same ole same ole.

OH, I think Zoe is figuring out how to wave!!
I first noticed it on Saturday when we went to a birthday party. She saw the birthday boy and started flailing her little arm. I mentioned that it looked like waving but just thought it was excited flailing.
Welp, yesterday, DH was holding her, she looked at me and started doing the same thing. I said HI to her and waved, and she waved her little arm back!! It was def on purpose and she knew what she was doing. SO frickin cute!!!!
I cant believe how quickly she is growing.
It still amazes me every day when I see her and realize that she's my little girl.


Shari said...

Oh the phantom movement is so weird!!! I had it for the longest time, even well after finding out I was pregnant with #2. It has finally subsided, but since this will be our last one, I wonder if it lasts forever.

So many fun things are soon to be in your future with Zoe! It really is amazing to see them do some many firsts!

Megan said...

I've had the movement too, glad it really is something that happens and not just me going crazy!

lisabttc said...

My friend was just telling me about phantom movement! She said it's pretty common!
Aww, Zoe is so precious!!