Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We're in trouble...

Havent posted bc its a pain in the ass to on the kindle. It keeps eleting shit i type and is just annoying.
so pleaee excuse the lack of capital letters and apostrophes etc.

... zoe has figured out how to army crawl. first thing she did was go for these little pieces of ever on the floor and my scissors.... uuuuuugh lol
i think dh wants to move the coffee table out of the living room to give her more room. thats fine with . we just need some barricades to keep her in the area lol.

i ercised n monday, it is wednesday right now and im still feeling it in my legs. so much for  itbeing every other day this week heh. i plan on doing it tomorrow. hopefully wont get  sore again so i can do at least one more time.


Shari said...

Yay for Chloe but bad for mom and dad :) We moved our coffee table out and hasn't been moved back since. It has glass inserts on each side of the top and I can just see that being something that would intrigue a toddler to climb on. Maybe one of these days my house will look like people live there instead of like a Toy's R 'Us

LisaL said...

Lol Shari. That is slowly what our home is turning in to.

Shari said...

I was re-reading my comment and stupid autocorrect.......Zoe not Chloe

lisabttc said...

Uh-oh...trouble ;-) I hope this new milestone goes smoothly! :-)
Great job with your exercising!! I hope you aren't too sore!