Tuesday, April 9, 2013

So awkward

Had my annual today. BLEH!
It went quick though thankfully. Wasn't sat there for half an hour waiting for my doctor. It was actually pretty fast today.
And my SiL and brother were there for her first prenatal appointment. Got to see her ultrasound pics.
There's a little bean in there :)

Still don't think SiL is too happy about it, but it seems like it's slowly growing on her.
I know my brother is really excited about it though even though he keeps making remarks on how he's not looking forward to the crying etc etc lol. He's such a dork.

Anywho.... I really like my doctor *nodnod* She's nice and seems kinda goofy.

I asked her about the weight gain when off of metformin and she said it was just how insulin resistance is and once the weight gain starts, it makes it harder to lose etc etc.

I got a new prescrip for metformin. Still the same dose, but with actual refills now. Had my thyroid levels checked again since they haven't been in a while.
Uhm, she said they were going to do a beta since I haven't gotten my period yet.
I told them I hadn't (even though I still think that last bleed was an anov AF).
She also gave me a prescrip for provera. Told me to wait about 2 months and if AF still hasn't come to take it. And to take it every 3 months if no AF on my own to just help flush out the old lining.

So yep....

Zoe seemed to do well with my mom watching her. Hopefully she's not gonna catch the cold that my mom had. SIGH! I know it's only a matter of time before Zoe gets sick... just going to suck balls when it does happen!

I think that's it.......... I think.......... hmmm...............

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lisabttc said...

Glad your appt went well! I agree, that IR makes it really difficult to lose weight! You are working hard and doing a good job though!
I like the plan to induce AF to keep things moving! I hope your AFs get more regular soon!
That's neat that you saw SIL's little bean!