Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Still sick....

Very very slowly getting better, but still sick.
The kids are sick too but thankfully it seems as though they're not getting as sick as I did. Hopefully it stays that way.
I am still really congested. My ears were so stuffed up yesterday and still are a little today. Thankfully I can actually hear mostly normal today. Yesterday, everything was muffled.
Good times....

Thankfully I'm not coughing as much, but I did have a coughing attack yesterday morning that made me throw up. I hadn't eaten anything yet so I just threw up a little bit of liquid and some mucus. Awesome.
Just can't wait to feel better already. Need to make sure to dispose of all the water bottles I reuse at night so I don't make myself sick again.

Kids are driving me crazy as usual :P lol
The house is still a disaster area, but thankfully since I'm feeling a little better, I actually feel like cleaning. NEED to do it b/c the mess is driving me crazy. I hate looking at all the tiny bits of trash or toys laying around. Going to pack up more toys to donate too. Really can't wait to do that!

Need to clean up out in the backyard too. The kids left 2 of their easter baskets out there and the puppy got ahold of them and ripped them to shreds.
Junk all over the place and it needs to be cleaned so DH can eventually mow the lawn.

DH had a rough night last night. No idea why, but he woke up around 1 and couldn't get back to sleep. That was about when Zoe came and laid down with us, but he usually goes right back to sleep.
Hopefully he'll sleep better tonight. He could take one of my melatonin pills.
I take 1 or 2 every night and it seems to help me get to sleep better than before. I still wake up a lot, but I don't think that's ever going to change.

He's told me that he's had some pain on the top of on of his feet for about a month now. He JUST told me this last week :\
Dude... seriously?? It's been a month and hasn't gotten any better or gets better but then worse again? Take your ass to the doctor!! Geezus....

Diet is coming along just fine. It REALLY helps to have all of our dinners planned out. Like.. seriously helps SO much to keep on track. No guessing, no trying to come up with something on the spot etc.
Sure... I'm stuck prepping everything, but we've picked out some pretty easy recipes so it hasn't been too bad.
It's mostly just my lunch that has been a little bit of a problem b/c I'm lazy and don't feel like cooking something from scratch. lol

It's been good though. We're not being super duper strict. Like yesterday, I fixed some BBQ chicken legs, coleslaw, & corn on the cob. The BBQ saw definitely had sugar, little bit in the coleslaw as well and corn is carby too so... yeah.. there ya go. But overall, it's still low carb compared to a normal diet.

We're doing well though. :) This is only the 2nd week, so we'll see how it's going in the next week or so lol

I do still need to dig out some pants to keep track of my weight loss. Also hoping that by next week I'll feel good enough that I'll want to attempt to exercise. I know as soon as I start, it's going to make the weight/inches just melt off. Or well.. at least that's what I'm hoping for lol.

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