Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Woot! A Small Victory!!

So... early start this morning b/c Oren leaked all over his bed at 4am.
He didn't understand that it was still sleepy time and screamed and screamed when I put him back to bed. Thankfully, I can just turn his monitor off so I didn't have to hear it, but I did stay awake until he finally went back to sleep an hour later.
Then DH got up and I got another hour of sleep before he woke up again.

Anywho... while I was thinking of it... decided to pull out my first pair of bottoms that I want to get back in to.
They're size 16. Nothing special... just shorts. There's no give or anything in the waist and they're pretty true to size. Like they're not labelled size 16 but run big or smaller.
Went to put them on to see how much I needed to lose before being able to button them up. Got a bit disheartened when the shorts got tight around my hips. That's usually never been a problem. Anyway.....
I could button them!! They were a little snug and I had some serious muffin top spilling over, but I could button and zip them without feeling like I was cutting off circulation! WOOOO!!!

So once Zoe is awake, I'm gonna go find a different pair of bottoms to be my next goal :)
I could still use these shorts and have a goal of.... no snuggness or no muffin top. I may still do that :)

I still have a LOOOOONG journey ahead, but it's nice to have this small victory to keep me going :D

It would just be nice to one day not look like I'm about ready to give birth to another child. I know carrying so much fat in the stomach area is not healthy for anyone and that is where I carry a ton of it. I'm not quite an apple top b/c I do have some booty and thighs too, but most of it is up top.

But yeah... this really helps to keep me motivated and I want to continue on. Again.. having all of our meals planned out has helped SO SO SO SO much!
I am craving sweet a little bit, but I fixed some sugar free jello so hopefully that helps. I fixed some pudding too, but it is very carby so I only had a spoonful and gave the kids the rest.

Really hoping that next week I'll be able to exercise. I know as soon as I do start exercising, I'll be seeing even more results and it will be so much healthier. Just have to get rid of this damn cough already.
I feel ok overall, but I still have a pretty juicy cough and my ears have been deciding which one is going to get all stuffed up and muffled. Yesterday it was my right one :\
Zoe's cough last night when she got in to bed with us sounded pretty juicy too. Ugh. FX that it doesn't get worse.

And garden stuff! WOO! lol

Did a little bit of gardening yesterday. Planted my onion scraps outside. If you keep the root part of an onion, you can plant it and it will grow. It won't become a giant big onion, but you can cut off the green part and use it like green onion :D
Oh and my avocado seed finally split and is growing roots :D WOO! Have a large pot just waiting for it :)

We had some leftover russet potatoes that weren't good any longer but were starting to grow. Decided to cut them up and plant some of them. Never tried growing potato so we'll see how this goes lol.
I dunno what it is, but it always grosses me out when potatoes do this. 

My cucumbers. The one on the bottom is the one I grew from seed and then the bunch above that is what I bought from Walmart. I should've separated the bunch, but meh.. not worried about it. Just glad they're finally growing. This particular bed also has my tomato plants in it :)

My pepper plants bed. Or well.. it's supposed to be. We used all of the compost we had made and apparently it had some viable tomato seeds in it b/c they popped up and are taking over. Was going to move the tomatoes, but since they're doing so well.. I think I'm going to move the peppers instead.

Annoying cute Rocko lol. He's gotten SO big! Still a puppy.. still has some annoying behaviors that need to be taken care of. Tired of picking up poop or having to worry about him peeing everywhere still. It's getting better, but just wish it happened faster lol.
I love puppies, but dang are they a lot of work :P
He's such a smart little guy though. Really responds to treats. He'll sit without a treat, but down and anything else requires a treat still hehe

This small area has 3 pumpkin plants. They're not doing that well. Think it was just shock and now... I dunno. Just not doing well for some reason. I'm not worried about it. Just wanted to grow them for Zoe. Thought she'd get a kick out of watching a little pumpkin grow.
We are getting some raspberry plants coming up though. DH wants to pull them up, but I won't let him. lol

I let the kids help plant the potatoes and help me pull weeds :)

 Ezra was asleep during all of that, so here's a photo of him from the previous day.
Trying to do a lot more tummy time with him. He can go in circles, but that's about it :P

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