Monday, January 27, 2014

What's that smell?? Smells like a bunch of 2014 babies!!

Just heard that someone awesome is pregnant again!! You know who you are.
A few of the women (actually a lot of them now that I think about it lol) are also pregnant in one of the groups I'm in.. wait no.. in BOTH of the groups I'm in.... 2014 is going to be filled with lots and lots of babies.

Hope I'll at least be able to join in as pregnant ^_^

It really is amazing how that first one can take SO long to make, and for some, it just sort of "fixes" them and they get pregnant super easy/quick after. Very cool and amazing how the body works.
Too bad it can't work like that for all of us :P Sigh...

Ok ok no being a Debby Downer!!
I really am happy for them all :D


Poor Zoe. Her butt is bothering her AGAIN. She must have pooped pretty early on last night and slept in it. Woke up to her in different diapers (DH changed her), and even then she had poop and the start of a baboon red behind.
And then of course she pooped again and it irritated it even more. She CRIED and cried and cried even before I touched anything b/c she knew it was going to hurt.
Feel so bad b/c there's nothing we can do to prevent it from happening.
Poor baby.
Hopefully a nice long soak in the tub will help soothe it. I'm sure it will still be irritated tomorrow at her appointment so will ask her doctor about it. Afraid she's going to tell us a layer of rash cream......
Can't use that on cloth diapers..... maybe a layer of oil would work.


Shari said...

Have you correlated it to a certain food? The reason I ask is because Athena would have acidic poop if she had pineapple. It would actually cause horrible diaper rash. If she had apricots it would make her pee acidic and the same thing would happen.

LisaL said...

The only food I know of that can give her problems are sweet potatoes. She was given dates, but didn't think those would cause trouble. I'll be sure to keep that in mind if this happens again which I'm sure it will.