Monday, January 6, 2014

Damnit Wondfo!!

And most other pregnancy tests out there.
Is it too much to ask for the test line to NOT show up if you're not pregnant?
Yes, I've taken more hpts. More out of curiosity than anything. I'm still 99% sure that I'm not pregnant, but I still wanted to see if the wondfo tests would come up with something on them, and sure enough.. they are.
I say I'm 99% sure b/c I've also been using OPKs as well and the opks are lighter, darker, all over the place like they usually do for me. When I was pregnant with Zoe and testing, the OPKs progressively got darker.

Anyway... every test has had something pop up, usually after the time limit. Now I know we're not supposed to look at the test after the limit but come on... I think most do and seeing that faint something there could give a lot of women false hope.

I do still enjoy me some wondfo tests though, but always always will back it up with a better one.... even though that false alarm before when I went and bought FRERs gave me faint crap negative but there lines too.
You pay that much for a pee stick, they better be QUALITY and not the shit they've turned in to.

DH is NOT used to Zoe's outbursts. His patience was wearing thin when she was doing her screaming "I'm tired but don't want to sleep" fits.
I think that's why he changed her that one night. He got flustered and just didn't know what to do.
Maybe now he appreciates what I go through during the day. Sure, I may get to watch tv and mess around on the computer a little bit, but it's not all fun and games, especially when you have a little girl screaming in your ear lol.

Oh I think I forgot to mention SiL? She seemed to be doing ok going through her m/c. She seemed pretty open talking about it. She and her mom, aunt etc are close though so it's not surprising really. She has a great support team so I'm sure that really helped along with her just being a strong person in general.

I could see the longing though whenever she looked and held Zoe. I just hope it happens for them very soon. She and her husband are going to make really great parents.
Zoe LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES SiL's husband. I mean.. just LOVES him. DH and I disappeared whenever he was around and she just wanted everything to do with him lol. It was really cute :)

Oh yes.... Zoe is a big flirt. Women, men, children, everyone it seems. She wants to get to know them and loves baby talking to them. It's funny b/c we'll pass someone in the grocery store and all of a sudden she'll yell out "DADA" to them (she calls everyone dada). It usually gets a chuckle and smile from the person.
I remember when she did that to a little girl, the girl turned to her mom and said "That baby just called me daddy!" lol
We really need to teach her to say HI or Hello instead of that hehe.
If she keeps this up... she's def not going to be a wall flower. She's going to be in the middle of the crowd getting to know everyone.
Good... I don't want her to be painfully shy like I am/was.

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