Saturday, January 11, 2014

Well, I think that explains it

I've been wondering WTH was wrong with me these last few days. Got another headache today and just felt terrible until the tylenol FINALLY kicked in.

Went to the bathroom not that long ago.. and... SPOTTING! OMG, I never thought I'd be so happy to see frickin spotting lol.
I'm actually very surprised that I haven't been spotting sooner. I'm on day 65!!! of this very long, very unproductive cycle.
When I went to get my metformin today, I even asked them to fill my provera for me.

Hopefully this turns in to an actual AF and won't just be annoying light spotting that doesn't go away. If it doesn't turn in to AF by... I'll give it until Wed, then I'll start the provera.

Anyway.. WHEW!!! Hope these dang headaches and head in a vice feeling will go away now.


Have you ever looked at your DH and just wanted to smack the hell out of them b/c they're acting like a tool??

I can't be the only one. I mean obviously, you don't smack them b/c you're not an abusive dick, but the thought does come to you to do it lol.

UGH DH's road rage just really ticks me off. He's not flipping people off or yelling out the window bad or anything.... he's not THAT ragey, but he gets very frustrated and angry when he drives and does very reckless things that scares me. And yes, I do point it out to him.
He was getting better with his driving but seems to have gone back to his old ways.

Now... I will give him this... there are A LOT of idiots here that do not know how to drive. South Carolina earned it's place as the 2nd worst drivers in the US. I'm surprised it's not #1. Seriously, the drivers here are TERRIBLE and you are reminded of it every single day if you go out in to it and I'm not even exaggerating.

BUT... knowing this... you still have to keep somewhat cool. Like if I get pissed, I just curse a lot (something I need to get a handle on since Zoe is a little sponge now)... but I don't start driving stupid.
DH on the other hand...
Take for example... someone in front of us is going painfully slow or is just driving like an idiot...
He doesn't just curse and change lanes to get in front. Nope... he curses and speeds up and rides their ass until he can change lanes to get in front, then he'll speed some more b/c I guess he thinks the people in the other car will know that he's mad or whatever. I dunno. I hate it though and I'm always mentioning it to him which I dislike doing b/c no one likes a backseat driver.

Sigh, just one of those things though.... I'm not going to give up in trying to get him to drive a bit less aggressive.
Yes there are a boatload of morons on the road, but he doesn't need to be one of them.

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