Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Any day now weather!

Guess the snow has been pushed back to about 3 now. What a let down :( Was hoping it would start and be built up a bit on the ground by the time DH got home.
Not that I would want him driving in it though.
But still, by the time it does start it's gonna be Zoe's bedtime so she won't be able to enjoy it at all. Boooo
It should stick around during the night since it's getting cold, but not sure how long it will be here tomorrow.

It really doesn't even look like it's going to snow or anything here. Just looks like a typical dreary cloudy day.

So disappointing.

Zoe is so stinkin cute, even when she's being SUPER annoying lol.

She's in the habit of throwing everything out of her crib when she wants out. So we'll go in and put everything back when we get her and will usually have trouble finding her paci. So we'll talk to her and ask "Where is it?"
She's started copying us and saying the same thing.
Sometimes it's "Is it?" and other times it sounds like she actually tries to say the "Where" part heh.

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