Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Just chatting

Just wanted to post really quick before I head off to do... whatever.

Zoe is taking her 2nd nap and.. yeah. Seems like we're going through a "I'm gonna scream until I give up" phase right now. Hoping it ends quick but I doubt it lol.
She is just on full resist mode and automatically knows what's up when we put her in there. She does the legs kicking out thing and all. It's cute and funny but also pretty frustrating and makes me feel terrible.
She looks so hurt and betrayed and UGH it tears me up but I know if she doesn't get her naps she's going to be cranky and yawning every minute.

OOO I lost my temper with her yesterday and I yelled at her. Not proud of that moment but it is what it is.
She wasn't phased at all by it though thankfully. Glad I didn't make her cry or scared in any way. That really would have broken my heart if I did.
She gets in to the pet water bowl... and it was FULL yesterday when she did. And of course it was cold and she was soaked and just.. ugh.
Just one of those things.
I know it's one of those moments you don't think you'll do, but it's going to happen eventually and damn does it make you feel guilty as hell for doing it.

Set up Zoe's 18m appointment for the 28th. It's a bit early but whatever. Doubt Zoe will be walking on her own then. DH and I are at a loss for what to do to get her to walk.
SiL and her husband keep trying to tell us what they did to get their girl to walk and it's just not going to work for Zoe. She gets around VERY well crawling and she's happy doing it. She also gets around well w/ her walkers too and *shrugs* She seems content.
Trying to get her to even stand on her own is impossible b/c she'll bring her legs up and do this bouncy thing like she's in an invisible bouncer lol.
I'm sure her ped will have advice or we'll reluctantly finally see the physical therapist we were supposed to call about sooner *innocent whistle*
I'm telling ya.... she CAN do it... she just doesn't want to.

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