Thursday, January 23, 2014

Feeling good :D

This is what.. day 4 of the Whole30 and I'm feeling good.
Getting hungry, BUT the cravings for sugar and junk has reduced a significant amount. Really happy about that.
I told myself I would only weigh once a week, but that may have to wait until NEXT week lol.
With that being said though, the scale is going down :D
On monday it was 212.something and today it was 209.2 :)
I know my body is letting go of a lot of bloat. These last few days have been filled with bathroom trips.
Getting woken in the middle of the night to pee is annoying, but hey.. whatever my body has to do to get healthy.

Still no exercise though. That's always been a struggle and it's even moreso now that Zoe is here taking up so much of my time and energy when she's awake. All I want to do is just relax and do a whole lot of nothing when she's napping.

Zoe is doing great. She doesn't really crawl anymore. She'll do it every once in a while, but most of the time she's up walking around. It's so cute.

Her vocabulary is coming along slowly. I think she's saying more than we understand if that makes sense.
Anyway, things are decent here. Not too bad of a start for 2014 :) Hope this year brings lots of joy and happiness for everyone.

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