Tuesday, January 14, 2014


So it is an AF.... or something like AF at least.
Hopefully it doesn't drag out longer than normal.

Not sure if it's my funky hormones causing it or the weather, but I am in dandruff HELL right now. It's embarrassing as shit and frustrating. I get out of the shower and can see little flakes near my scalp.
So in addition to my hair falling out like crazy, I now have dandruff problems. AWESOME :\

I dunno how my forehead can be greasy as hell and not even an inch up it's flaking off like it hasn't seen water in a month.

Anyone like Big Bang Theory? I know it's popular, and I'm sure there are funny jokes in the show, but I can not stand frickin live audience sitcoms!!
I tried watching that show a couple of times and the laughter at every single damn thing said is SO F-ing annoying and makes whatever they did say unfunny.

Says something remotely nerdy *audience hoots and hollers like it's the funniest damn thing EVER*
Just no.... no

It's the same with that 2 and a half men. I've caught bits and pieces of that show before and anything remotely sleezy or pervy gets the most laughter EVER and just UUUUUUUUUUUUUGH.
It's like canned laughter.

I hate it b/c it just feels like they have to have the laughs in there b/c they think the audience at home are too stupid to know when to laugh or something.

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