Saturday, January 4, 2014


Zoe had a meltdown at bedtime. The girl did NOT want to go to bed!!
She had poop near the beginning which I changed.... but she wasn't giving up and screamed and screamed and screamed some more.
We'd let her go but would check on her after about 5-10min. Big mistake b/c it only reinforced her tantrum.

For whatever reason DH changed her pjs in to a 2 piece. Sigh... not sure why since she doesn't sleep under her blankets so her feet are going to be ice in the morning if they're not already.
But anyway...
She FINALLY quieted down about 15mins ago.

Bad thing is.. I know the tantrums are only going to get worse lol.
She pulled a tiny one in the store today.
DH was walking her around and started walking her away from something she was looking at. MAN, she did not like that one bit and let out this quick yell and started babbling to us (I imagine she was fussing at us) and wanted to go back. It was pretty hilarious and cute. Took us off guard too b/c this is the first time she's been "bad" in public really.
Girl has 'tude hehe.

Oh update on the cat.
He thankfully eats his pills somewhat well. We got some pill pocket things that he seems to enjoy. He'll sometimes spit the pills out but it's not that bad.
His feet unfortunately do not look any better though. His paw pads are still very swollen.
Thankfully he hasn't pooped or peed outside of his area though so yay for that.
He's also lost a little bit of weight. We've cut down on his food slightly and that little bit seems to have worked. I don't think we fed him too much before though. Maybe b/c his activity level was so low that's why it was too much? *shrugs*

Damn IC tests.
I haven't used an OPK in a while and had the urge to tonight.
So I took an OPK and a HPT for the hell of it. I'm on cd 60 something with no end in sight.
OPK is a BFN, and the HPT... BFN BUT it has a very faint line on it that I noticed after the time limit.
I do not have my hopes up at all that it's the real deal. These ICs seem to have something there the majority of the time even though it's a BFN.
So yeah.. I'm 99% sure it's just the test line showing through like it usually does.

Oh well. Hoping that with some exercise and eating right again will get things moving along so we can get this 2014 or early 2015 baby :)

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