Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ew ew ew

Our sewage backed up last night! It was gurgling out of the ground and right in to our yard! *barfs* Thankfully it's towards the side where we don't really go, but still... GROSS.
The plumber guy that came out to look at it last night said he didn't see any "solids" so he just put some lime out to help..... UGH... how gross.

He said it happened b/c of grease build up.
Come on people! Everyone should know by now that you're not supposed to dump your grease down the sink.
I admit that we used to years ago when we didn't know, but it was like a big thing on the news a while back.

And why's it gotta be OUR yard that was getting all of the crap pumped in to it???

Maybe there's a reason the original builder backed out of buying it at the last minute :\

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