Friday, January 3, 2014

Hyper child!

I dunno what has gotten in to Zoe these last 2 days but MAN! She's been in a great mood and she's been HYPER!!
Even when I had to wake her yesterday to go to my mom's house, she was fine and was all smiles and talking and running around w/ her walker when we were there.
And when the inlaws came over for dinner... same thing.
And today so far, same thing as well. It's just like someone gave her an energy drink w/ some happy pills lol.

BUT on a negative side... she does not want us brushing her teeth atm. Thinking her gums are hurting her. Will have to remember to give her some tylenol or something.
And she has pooped a lot today which always leads to a very sore little butt. I hate it when this happens b/c it hurts her so much but we HAVE to wipe her down.
Going to give her a nice bath and just let her play and soak in it for a while. Hope that helps so it's not so bad later.

Also these last couple of days, it seems like her hyperness is a tiny tiny bit making her a little less cautious so she's actually letting go and taking a step or 2.
She's only done it a couple of times, but it's something at least. During dinner, she let go of the loveseat and took 2 steps to her walker. And then this morning, she took a step from her walker to her chair.
It's all it is... she's just overly cautious. Will be interesting to see if she keeps that quality as she grows. May have to push her to try new things :)


We need to buy some mats for the new exercise thing we bought.. and need to put up the punching bag... but yeah.... by next week, "Time to get skinnier for #2" will be in full effect!
As far as I know, there is nothing coming up that involves food (family get togethers, birthdays, etc) so we should be ok for a little while at least.
I want my 2014 baby damnit!! lol
It may be at the very end of the year, but whatever... I'll take it! OK ok, so an early 2015 would be ok too. I just need to get healthier and get pregnant already.
Women are having children later in life nowadays, but a lot of those are HEALTHY women... I'm not. SO yeah... time is a ticking.

Oh DH was telling me about his coworkers that are having a baby. We went to their wedding when I was.. I think 12? weeks pregnant... somewhere around then.
Anyway, they found out they are having a girl, and they picked the name Georgia. It's a great name and they already have the cutest nickname to go with it.
What is Georgia known for? Peaches.... and that is the nickname... Peach, Peaches.... AWWWWW
So cute :)

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