Monday, January 13, 2014

What now....

Ok so the spotting is starting to get a little heavier now.
Pretty sure I won't have to take the provera. I'll have it for my next 3 month long cycle I guess *grumble*
It's still pretty light still and not an actual flow yet, but this morning there have been a couple of small clots so it should be getting heavier.

I was going to start exercising today, but that will wait until hopefully tomorrow. I dunno WTF I've done to my right arm but it has this constant pain in it that will not go the F away!
It started last night and kept waking me and keeping me awake ALL last night.
It's just the dullish aching that I dunno how to explain it.
Anyway, I didn't want to do anything to make it worse so I'm hoping it will be gone by tomorrow so I can start using the punching bag.

With that being said and the slight delay... I'm going to hope for an early 2015 baby. I think by the time I'm down to a decent weight again to where HOPEFULLY my cycles start regulating a bit more, it's going to be a few months in to this year already.

Eating is going to be a lot better. We bought some dark chocolate and I got myself some apples to help w/ the sugar cravings.
So yeah, better diet is back on track, now just have to add in the exercise and get this party started :D


I think we're planning on a beach trip in May.
Mostly I just want Zoe to experience it :) Hopefully by then she'll actually be walking so we can take a nice long sunrise and sunset walks as a family. That would be nice :)

Just have to figure out what we would do with our pets though. The cat, I'm not so worried about, but the dogs. UGH
I hate getting someone to look after them b/c most of the time, they don't stay over here and only check on them maybe twice a day so there is bound to be poop and pee in the house... on our off white carpet.
We're SOOOOOO going to have to replace it within the next few years. BLEH!

Oh and speaking of the ocean.... now I know everyone doesn't pay attention to conspiracy stuff, but I would highly recommend people to think twice about eating ANY seafood coming out of the Pacific Ocean.

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