Friday, January 10, 2014

What now?

For the last 2 days, my head has just been feeling... blah.
It's hard to explain b/c I dunno what the hell this is.
It started off as if I was dehydrated and had heat stroke, but it's been cold as hell and I've gone outside for maybe a minute at the most lol.
My water intake could be better, but I'm not dehydrated.

I'm not having any kind of withdrawal like from caffeine or anything so..... *shrugs*
I could say carb flu, but my carbs this week, while not as high as before, are still more than they usually are when I'm eating better.
So... WTH??

The best way I can describe this feeling is most of the time, it feels like my head is in a vice, but without any kind of headache.
And you know that warm feeling you get when you get a cold? I'm feeling that as well even though I'm also cold. I don't feel like I'm sick other than mild headache feelings (that started late yesterday).

*shrugs* I dunno wth my body is doing... not that I usually do anyway.

As for my diet, it's been a transition back to better eating this week. Whenever we do bad and then go back to healthy stuff... I ALWAYS crave sweets. It was the same this week and it has been a battle.
It's frustrating b/c even if I'm stuffed to the gills, my body/mind still tells me that I want/need something sweet to finish it all off.

Will purchase some dark chocolate for next week. Have that on hand to nibble on so I won't go for the giant tin of butter cookies that my mom gave us (thanks mom :\ )

I've checked my weight a couple of times, it has FINALLY started to come down... for a little while there, it was going up up and up!! Was scaring me a bit b/c I didn't know why. Hell, I still don't know why.
My body just wanted to bloat like crazy.
Next week will hopefully be better w/ the weight issue going down even more. Need to start exercising.
We have the new punching bag up and have some gloves and everything. I'm excited to try it, but with my head feeling this way... I don't want to do much.

OH! I almost forgot... Zoe stood by herself yesterday. She was walking along w/ her walker while I was reading. I looked up and she was just standing there. I didn't say anything b/c I thought she would plop down if I did.
Then suddenly, she took 2 very stable easy steps over to her chair and plopped down.
I knew she could do it!!! The girl is just stubborn!
It's not much but at least it's something :)

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