Monday, June 10, 2013

What's my body doing now

I have no frickin idea... that's what.
I weighed myself yesterday and was 214. That's down from what I was.
Weighed today.... 216.8. What??? Where the hell did that 2lbs of whatever come from?? Considering that we didn't have a dinner last night... you would think I'd be lighter. I did eat... lets see.. I ate 2 cheese snack sticks, a key lime yogurt, a pickle, sliced cheese... and that was it.
Didn't drink a lot of water... so... *shrugs*

Whatever... I'll keep remembering the 214 and know I'm doing something right at the moment.

Anywho! Enough of me.... Zoe news :D

That one tooth is really starting to show. It's so cute seeing it when she smiles hehe. I THINK the one next to it has cut through too but I'm not sure.
She seems to be interacting with her toys and environment a bit more. She played with them before, but she's playing with them by herself more now. Hope that made sense.
She's also babbling a LOT and it's so cute! I'll try to get video of her doing it. Gotta be sneaky about it though or she'll stop.

Everyone thinks she's gonna be walking soon. I'd say probably by her birthday, she'll either have already taken her first steps or will be close to doing it. She's really good at moving along while holding on to stuff now.

We're still debating if we want her to spend the night with MiL. It's not that I don't trust MiL with her.... it's that I don't think Zoe will be able to sleep there.
Zoe has a very self set schedule she's on and her being in a different place, trying to be put down to sleep..... I imagine a very miserable night for everyone.

Plus, just the thought of her not here with us makes my heart race. We'll see.


Shari said...

I always said that DD would not spend the night at grandparents until she could communicate what she needed. I broke that rule just 2 weeks ago. DH had surgery and my parents took her for the day and night. It went better than I expected. Even though she can't verbally communicate what she wants, she can give signs. That made me more comfortable and I held out till 20 months......LOL

As for the weight loss/gain....If you don't eat enough, your body does funky things. It really is a balancing act of finding the right amount of food to go with the amount of things you do in a day. If you don't eat enough, you gain. You will start storing fat again. said...

Darn, that's weird about that 2lbs! Maybe it's just a fluke. Hopefully it disappears as quickly as it showed up!
It must be so neat to see the changes Zoe goes through!! She seems like a smart girl!

LisaL said...

You're gonna get to see that soon when your Graham shows up in 2 months! :D

Shari, I hope your DH recovers from his surgery soon. Glad o hear that your DD's night with the grandparents went well. We're still on the fence about it though. *shrugs*