Friday, June 21, 2013

Wait... what?

Weighed myself this morning and it was 211.... wha??????
Nevermind that it was 217 on Monday after the bad weekend we had! Just goes to show how much water weight and whatnot we can hold on to. Geeze.

I know what has helped though.... smoothie dinner days. We went and picked more strawberries and have been doing smoothies a couple of days a week.
We had 2 this week. Just 3 ingredients.... frozen strawberries & bananas and whole milk. That's it. We're gonna run out of fresh strawberries eventually, so need to come up with different kinds.
It's good though. One batch is enough to give DH and I a big glass full plus some and it's surprisingly filling and satisfying.

I did have a bad night just the other night. Not sure if it was something I ate, but I woke up at 3am feeling nauseated. Thought it would go away, but nope so I figured might as well get it over with and went in to the bathroom and threw up a lung.
I had eaten some pork ribs for dinner. Something I fix once a month... not sure if it's what caused it or if it was something else.
I've been afraid to eat the leftovers lol. DH took some to work today so we'll see if he gets sick or not I guess lol.

Anywho, I hope this weightloss continues. Would be nice to get under 200 before falling pregnant again. Although getting pregnant anytime would be nice :)
I would def have to go straight on to the diet I was on with Zoe though. More than likely I'll have GD again and I'm sure baby would benefit from all of the healthy food it would be getting from the start. So I'm sure eating well would also help with some weight loss during. At least for a little while and would help keep weight gain to a healthy amount.

So... yep. Gonna start taking OPKs soon. I don't expect to ovulate in a normal timeframe but hey, my body could surprise me.

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Wow! That's great!! And FX for some nice dark OPKs to come!