Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Almost have all of the parts for my computer! OOOO I can't wait! :D Having the laptop is nice, but having a PC again... *happy dance*


Zoe is doing well.... other than her butt... AGAIN. I swear, just one night... if she poops early on and we don't catch it until the next morning totally messes up her poor butt. Hoping that as she grows her skin won't be so darn sensitive. Poor girl's ass looks horrible right now. Not the worst it's ever been but still bad.

Oh I swear Zoe said kitty kitty yesterday! It was SO cute!! It was baby version " Kee Kee" but she was totally saying kitty kitty b/c she spotted the cat and started saying it with a huge smile on her face. She wants to mess with the cat SO much and I have no idea why. Maybe because she doesn't see him as often as the dogs?? I dunno but she always goes after him whenever he's around.

She's also starting to say byebye. She hasn't done that one a lot yet.

Her other bottom front tooth has broken through. Not sure if the top one has or if it's still under the gums. It's so cute when she smiles and you can see the start of the teeth. I'm going to miss her gummy smiles though.

What else what else.....
I haven't started exercising yet *hangs head in shame*. It's just an ongoing battle with myself and laziness is winning. I fully intend to do it and then I let everything distract me.
I am down in weight though. Just a little bit. Back on low carb.
It's not as low as it was before though. I've been eating yogurt which is pretty high in it. Been having some sugar free pudding too and I eat part of the banana I give to Zoe almost every day lol. I do share my yogurts with her so I probably only get half or a little more than half.
So yeah.... diet is going well, but again... just have to get the exercise thing going.....

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Woot for almost having your computer done!
Aww, it must be so sweet to hear Zoe say those words!!
Hang in there girl with the exercising and stuff. You will get there! Hugs!