Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dancin machine!

Or well, more like a baby wiggle lol.
Trying to find music Zoe likes is kinda difficult. She likes Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes. But that's so short. Same with ABC song.
Tried showing her some 80's music today heh. She seemed more interested in watching the videos than dancing to them, but she did a little bit. Anything upbeat and happy sounding she enjoys. She started clapping to one of them (can't remember which one). SO cute!! :D

We pretty much have Zoe's birthday invitations ready. We just picked one of the ones they have at The pink one where you can put in 12 photos of your baby's first year. We both liked that idea so picked it.
It's only going to be a small party. We're hoping to get the neighborhood pool and then have pizza by the playground. Can only reserve the pool for 2 hours, but that's ok. Take a dip to cool off some then go eat :D

Kinda doubt a lot of the people we invited will even go swimming though. Oh well.

Have I said that Zoe is worse than a dog when it comes to begging for food?? Well, if I haven't yet... SHE IS!
And you can't say no or shoo her away! lol It sucks when we're eating something she can't have. Like something that is too spicy or something she's just not supposed to have yet. She wants everything we eat though. It's kinda annoying when she starts grabbing at the plate rofl.

AF is almost gone. Thought it was completely gone earlier today, but still spotting when I use the bathroom just a little.
Bought some wondfo OPKs today and should be getting those in in a couple of days. WOO! Can't wait :)
I'll have to ration them though. 50 tests sounds like a lot until you realize you have irregular cycles and don't know when the hell or IF you're going to ovulate.

I'll post some photos soon.

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