Friday, June 28, 2013

This is why I don't open the door....

I guess people just don't bother to read signs anymore.
Most of the people in this neighborhood think the stop signs here are optional, and the nice big NO SOLICITORS sign at the entrance to the neighborhood is ignored.... awesome.

I hate it when salesmen knock on the door. I don't want what you're selling dude. I don't want my carpets cleaned, I don't want pest control, I don't want you to mow my lawn, I don't want any of it. If I did, I would've already contacted someone about it!!

Answered the door a little while ago and UGH. Nice guy doing pest control. Mostly talking about spiders. When he asked if I hated spiders, I just said, " Eh, no not really. I don't mind them." And he looked at me like I was crazy. What, am I supposed to be some typical shriek woman that's terrified of every bug?
Roaches, yes, spiders? Nope... I just don't mind them b/c they eat other more annoying bugs. Black widows are insta-death sentence if we spot one, but the very numerous wolf spiders are more than welcome to eat all the bugs they want around here.

Anyway, I feel bad for these people. I know they're just trying to make a living, but damn... knocking on people's doors is annoying as shit!

And some RUDE termite guys today. We called them 3 months ago b/c we had an invasion of termites. So they came out and sprayed and looked at the minor damage that was done. They're supposed to repair the damage which was only some molding inside, nothing much. That was THREE months ago and after multiple calls, they finally came back to fix it.
Well, there were 2 guys, they came in did their thing. I didn't talk to them b/c I didn't want to for one, and b/c I didn't want to distract them from their job.
Well I get up to go get Zoe b/c she had woken from her nap, I come back out and they're gone. All of their tools gone, their truck gone and the work done.
Really??? Not even a "We're done and we're leaving." NAH??? They left the door wide open (we do have a glass 'screen' door) and everything. WTF??
I know we didn't exchange more than a few sentences with eachother but damn. Come on.

AnYWHO... enough of my bitching...

OMG, I went to give Zoe a bottle b/c she had just woken and was fussing for one.
I go in, look at her and the girl is nekkid from the waist down!
She got off her diaper (it was a Velcro one) and THEN decided she was going to take the wet peed in insert out! I know she probably put it in her mouth too which totally grosses me out. LOL
Thankfully it was just pee and not that wet. I would've gagged and turned in to that shrieky woman if it had been poo :P

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