Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hmmm, ok

So, I started spotting. Well, it's only there when I use the bathroom.
Started last night right before bed. Just a single drop in the toilet.
Probably won't amount to anything but it would be nice if it did turn in to an actual AF.
I wonder why now though. Nothing really has changed.... *shrugs*
We'll see what happens.

UUUUUUGH, Zoe's poops have been SO disgusting lately. I want those little turdlettes back! Her poos.... just... BLEH. Big chunks of undigested carrots, smooshy and pastey. Almost like poo glue in her diaper. BLAAAARGH!

Also... she's developed this habit of shrieking when she's stuck in the living room without us.
It makes going to the bathroom a chore now. It wouldn't be so bad letting her roam about the house. I'd say 98% of it is baby proof, but I just don't feel comfortable letting her do it if I'm not watching her. So... I block her in the living room where all her toys are and go do my business as quickly as possible.
She is having NONE of it though and cries and shrieks and UGH. I can only imagine what she's going to be like older. I hope not like this lol.
Maybe she'll calm down a bit more by then hehe.

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