Saturday, June 29, 2013

Foiled again...

We WERE going to go blueberry picking, that is until DH just found out that he has to help his parents clean up the house they were supposed to have cleaned months ago.... no no, make that years ago.
AND don't forget all of SiL's shit that is still there too.

His dad isn't supposed to lift anything heavy, my brother can't lift anything heavy, and SiL's husband can't lift anything heavy... Hmmm, wonder who is left then, oh yeah, DH. :\

Now I don't mind that he is asked to help. They're family and that's what family does for one another, but I'll still bitch and moan about it when it fudges our plans. And I'll moan about it more when Zoe is being difficult and screaming her cute little head off b/c she's tired but doesn't want to nap!

I can feel the nibbles of a headache starting.

On a lighter note....

I taught Zoe how to high five! WOO! HIGH FIVE! lol
I actually have video of it but we'll see how long it takes for me to post it :P heh I have lots and lots and lots of stuff I really need to get done. Lots....... and lots....................

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