Thursday, June 27, 2013

Promises shmomises

I swear, I'll get photos and video of Zoe up eventually!! I'm just being super lazy about it! When she is down for a nap, I just don't feel like doing anything productive lol.

So, what's been going on since.. what.. yesterday?

DH took Zoe out to a farewell residents dinner thing last night. His coworkers wanted to see her and I didn't want to go. He would usually try to pressure me in to going but I wasn't having any of it and he was OK with me staying home. WOO! lol
Gotta say, it was kinda weird not having Zoe in the house with me. Obviously I've been away from her before, but it's always weird when I'm at home without her. Just feels wrong and worrying.
Anywho, apparently she did great though.
Sometimes it takes her a while to warm up to strangers (or family), but apparently she was in a very good mood and was all scrunchy faced smiles last night heh.

Gosh, it's just so amazing watching her grow and develop. Gave her a bath and gave her 2 bath toys as usual for her to play with. It was a killer whale and a sting ray.
I kept repeating what they were, whale and ray. And I swear she repeated what I said.
She clearly said ray, and for whale, she would say something like wha.... lol
so cute!!!
Not sure she fully understood but it's something :)

ATm she is fighting taking a nap like crazy. Poor girl is in her crib crying and fussing. I know she's tired but she does not want to nap!! If she's still at it in the next 30min I'll go get her.

Looks like her other front side tooth (whatever it's called...) might be the next tooth to come through. Doesn't look close yet, but looks closer than any others.

OOOO totally going to make DH takes us blueberry picking this weekend! Can't wait! I'm totally going to cheat like hell though b/c I'm going to make a cobbler and a cake recipe that I found.
I LOATHE cooked fruit, but blueberries are the exception. It's the only one that I'll tolerate and I can't wait to cook some up in some deliciously bad stuff! lol

Blueberry season is pretty short though. Only a couple of months.
We'll have to go a couple of times *nodnod*

Speaking of growing stuff, our garden looks HORRIBLE right now :(
The peppers and some of the tomato plants are ok, but the cucumbers... I don't know what the hell happened.
They got stunted and are just now starting to grow, BUT are getting those damn yellow spots on the leaves. No idea what the hell it is. Doesn't look like aphids, so maybe something in the soil. Sucks b/c I was so looking forward to some fresh cucumbers.

Oh and we have moles! UGH! We haven't actually seen any, but walking around in the back, you step on where they've tunneled all over the damn place. It's ALL around my gardens. Not sure if that would cause the problems we have or not.
Damn things.

1 comment: said...

I'm glad Zoe did well at the dinner! I can imagine it would be weird to be at home without her!

Aww, she's so smart!! Wow! How cool that she's picking up on so much!

Mmmm blueberries...and blueberry cobbler! Sounds amazing. Have fun this weekend!!

I hope your garden picks back up soon! I'm not sure how it is in your neck of the woods, but we've had crazy weather here this year. We don't have a garden, but I've heard others comment on theirs being crappy.