Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Doggy!!! (get your minds out of the gutter!)

I think Zoe has said doggy now! DH was off yesterday, so we had MiL watch Zoe so we could go to the movie.
When we went and picked her up, Zoe was on my lap talking some and she kept saying something along the lines of doggy. I didn't realize what it was until MiL pointed it out, doh! lol
But it definitely was her saying it! WOO!

I'm sure it will be like all of the other words she has said though, she'll say them whenever the hell SHE feels like it and not any time sooner! lol

With that being said though... ok so she has had her first words now.... but what do I count??
She's been saying Dada for a while, but I don't think it's been in context until just recently.
I know for a fact that she says Kitty kitty in context b/c she was looking and heading for the cat when she said it.
And doggy def was too but that wasn't first word. She also says byebye a lot, but don't think that's in context either.

So... *shrugs* I think kitty was her first. 

I think she's starting to enjoy it at MiL's house. From the report on when we get her back, she does nap there kinda well so I'm happy about that.
Just wish she could crawl around there like she wants to do, but no, floor is way too dirty. Def going to have to wait until she's walking and not putting everything in to her mouth before she spends the night.

Oh we saw World War Z.
Absolutely nothing like the book, BUT it was still a good movie if you enjoy zombie-esk flicks.

In other news... I'm still spotting, WTF? It's not a lot thankfully. Mostly just there when I use the bathroom every other time, but still.... annoying!
Just reminds me that even though I did get AF, my body is far from being fixed.
Hopefully I'll still ovulate again though..... soon. Going to have to start charting again, minus the temps.
NO way I could temp now even if I wanted to, so I'm relying on these OPKs to tell me something.

So far nothing going on with them. Same ole faint line that I usually get.

1 comment: said...

Aww, I can't believe she's getting a vocabulary now! So exciting!!
I'm glad it's going pretty well at MIL's house!
Booo to spotting!! WTH! I hope it stops soon and your OPK gets darker! FX