Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Well poo

So I was going to come in here and say that the spotting had stopped a few days ago. Welp, I went to the bathroom this morning and OH look.... spotting. SIGH!!!


I forgot to take an OPK yesterday. Not that I think it would've shown anything though. Still hopeful that we'll catch something.

Not sure what is going on, but Zoe woke for her early morning bottle at 6 instead of 5, and now... she's just starting to wake at 9!!! I actually woke up before she did (and managed to get in a much needed shower too.)... WOO! lol
I'm sure she'll go back to her usual sleep schedule, but it was nice this morning *nodnd*

We went out yesterday with DH's sister so she could get photos of the girls together. She posted them on facebook. SOme of them came out so cute, but none of them are of both smiling at the same time lol. Actually, none are of Zoe smiling. She didn't warm up to it until we were walking to the cars. Go fig lol.
There's one where they're both seated at a small kiddie bench and Zoe has the most serious expression. It's hilarious.

I'll see if I can steal some of the photos to post here.

OOOO I uploaded and edited some photos last night before bed. Didn't get to upload to photobucket or anything, so still no photos, but I'm slowly making my way to that :D
I just need to get some videos off my phone and then I'll post all of that Zoe spammage.

We went blueberry picking. It was a good day to pic b/c it was clouded over for the most part, but when the sun came out. Fried our brains, especially poor Zoe lol.
You can't beat fresh picked blueberries though. Like strawberries, fresh put store bought ones to shame!

I tried out a cobbler recipe. Didn't turn out how I had hoped. It was more cakey and weird. The blueberry part was good, but the rest just had a strange taste. Oh well.
Going to try muffins next if I can find a good recipe.
And maybe a pie later.
Also have a cake recipe that I want to try out.
We plan on going picking again before the season is over so we're gonna have plenty.

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