Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Bleh!! So much poop juice!

So this stomach bug just needs to pass already. No throwing up, but I think I'd prefer puke to poop.
This morning and yesterday morning, I've walked in Oren's room to a poop stench b/c he leaked all over the place. Today's was worse than yesterdays. Just gross.
His poops are so watery and gross and his poor butt is going to be so sore b/c of all the wiping.
I've already changed his diaper a half dozen times this morning and it's not even 11am yet.
Zoe is also having some gross poop but at least she goes in the toilet lol.

The living room smells like poo and I'm not sure if the smell is just stuck in my nose or if there's secret poo somewhere. Sigh.....

Need to remember to give them both some yogurt or something to see if it helps.

So... we need to prepare for potential bad weather this weekend. We're gonna be hit by the hurricane, but just don't know how bad yet. I think where I am, it will probably only be just heavy rain, but ya never know. The hurricane could shift and we could get hit harder. We'll see what happens.
DH was supposed to be going to Atlanta on Friday for work, but that was cancelled.
They're starting to do some evacuations from the coast so the roads are going to be packed. I'm glad he's not going to be on the road with all of this happening.
But yeah... where I am, we shouldn't be getting hit too bad, but on the coast.. they could be. We'll see what happens. Just hope everyone stays safe and takes this seriously.
Already idiots on FB posting on the news about how this is no big deal, and how everyone is overreacting.
I'm sure those are the same type of idiots that think they can drive through a flooded street and end up needing to be rescued and putting rescue workers in danger.

Anyway.... we have plenty of water and food. We're always ready with supplies. Something I think everyone should be. Even if you have limited space, there's always room for some emergency supplies.

BLEH! We're getting baby roaches in the bathroom. Think an eggsac must have hatched b/c they all showed up at the same time. So gross. Plus it's getting cooler outside so all the bugs are moving in.
Can't stand roaches.
Spiders... I'm cool with. I don't want to touch them or anything, but I'm fine if I see a spider.
But I see a roach (especially the giant flying fuckers), and I freak the F out!
"Oh hey.. there's a spider crawling on the floor just a couple inches from me. Go get those bugs spider!"

I no longer have my ugly chest mole! WOO!
Got that sucker cut off yesterday and I'm so damn happy about it :D
The doc was a bit... abrupt. She wasn't mean or anything, just not very personable. But whatever. She did her job.
I did ask about my dark armpits and unfortunately, didn't really get a lot of info on what could be done for it. Sigh.
She did write down a few lotions that could lighten them a little that can be bought OTC but that was it. Boo :(
The nurse told me to not expect a huge change or anything and they they'll still be discolored. Oh well. Going to look in to it more and try out whatever I can. Even lightening them a little bit will be worth it.
They're just SO dark and gross looking. I hate it.

Ezra needs to get over his separation anxiety already. He's sound asleep right now. I need to get up to put on my pump stuff. How much do you wanna bet that a minute after I get up.. he's going to start crying.
UGH, it's so frustrating and heartbreaking.
I absolutely hate hate hate hearing him cry. I hate that he gets so upset, but I can't be with him 24/7. I just want him to be ok to be alone for just a little bit so I can get some stuff done with no guilt lol.
Oh wait... I think he sensed that I was about to get up b/c he just woke a little. Go to sleep baby!

He's doing good though. He loves looking around and smiling at everyone. So darn cute.
He's eating between 80-120mL. We've been feeding him about 100ml now unless he's been spitting up or if we fed him not too long ago, then I'll give him 80.
He's getting bigger, but definitely doesn't look chunky. Just thought that since he was big when he was born, he'd be super chunky... nope. His legs have gotten some more chunk to them, but are still pretty chickeny. /shrugs

My milk still isn't at where it was. Think it's b/c I'm not drinking enough, but also b/c it just still hasn't come back from being sick. Annoying.
And my nipples are still super sore as hell. I dunno why the hell that happened. It's not like I was doing anything different when I was sick other than not pumping as often (for only 2 days) and being dehydrated. So why the heck are my nipples so screwed right now?
Thought I had gotten over that stage of pumping. Sigh....

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