Saturday, October 8, 2016

We're good

Hurricane Matthew is currently hitting our coast. We're good inland though. Lots of rain and windy here, but we're not in a flood prone zone or anything. Also no powerlines or huge trees in most of the neighborhood so don't have to worry about that really either.
Power has flickered twice so far, but that's been it. I'm sure it will happen again or actually go out.
So far so good though. We're hunkering down today while this passes. Feel bad for anyone that has to go to work in this mess.

In other news... Ez threw up a ton last night while we were all asleep. Woke up bc I heard him coughing from it. Got up to check him and he was soaked. Well, his swaddle was soaked. Thankfully I caught it quick enough that it hadn't had time to soak through to his clothes.
Think we just over fed him though. He doesn't look to be sick.
That must've been an impressive vomit though. An impressive projectile vomit based on where he was wet lol.

And yep. Not much going on here. Can't share too much since I don't leave the house anymore rofl.

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