Monday, October 24, 2016

Boo at the Zoo tonight! :D

So this weekend went by so quick.
Had a trunk or treat at aunt's church and yesterday just sucked lol.
The trunk or treat was fun though. They had it in the afternoon and the kids just had fun. Well.. Zoe did. Oren kind of clammed up and started acting all shy and fussy when we tried getting him to participate in the little games they had set up.
But he did like going around and getting all the treats lol. He loved reaching in and grabbing his own stuff. So cute :D
Of course Zoe loved it all. Her Rapunzel wig is junk and kept getting in her face when she was trying to eat so she took it off, but oh well lol. She still looked cute in her dress :D

Some pics!

Oren has a cold and the other 2 are starting to get symptoms of it. Thankfully not too bad though. Just lots and lots of snot with a little bit of coughing.

Let them run around outside yesterday for a little bit. Didn't want them going to church and spreading the cold so I had them for the morning and a good chunk of the afternoon.
Couple photos from that...

Then it all went to shit after that lol. DH wanted to go to the night service...  whatever.... and the kids just lost their collective shit. Disobeying, misbehaving, etc etc. Driving me up the damn walls.
Anyway... at least part of the day was nice lol.

Will be going to Boo at the Zoo tonight. I know they'll have fun. Shouldn't be too cold either which is good. It got really chilly last year. Hate it when it gets just a tad too cold so they have to wear jackets over their costume. Or when it's too hot so you have to take off a warm costume. Oren's is warm and it's supposed to be low 80's today, but hoping that by the time we get there, the sun will be going down and the temp will get cool quick so that won't be a problem. Will have to put Zoe in some long sleeve stuff and Ez should be fine in his little thing lol.

Want to plan their costumes better for next year. Maybe even to a mashup of whatever. Like Rapunzel Batman! or The Flash Stitch or ya know.. whatever rofl. That would be really cute and fun :D I do want to do more crafts so if I can fit doing that in with the other million things I'd like to get started, that would be awesome.

My supply seems to be staying pretty steady now. Even if I've missed a pump b/c we were out or something (like that's going to happen tonight).
But, definitely not going to be enough soon. Going through the small supply I've built up quick now since we started feeding him more.
He'll sometimes eat around 150ml with no problem and no spitting up :o
My little guy is getting HONGRY! lol Can already tell he's gained a good bit of weight when I pick him up.
But yeah.. not sure when it will happen, but we're gonna have to start supplementing soonish.
I think once that happens, or maybe even sooner.. I'm gonna try dropping down to 5 pumps a day. See if my supply still stays the same or not. If not then I can go back to 6... shouldn't be a big deal and shouldn't take long to see what happens.

And finally... The Walking Dead premiere.. No spoilers here....
What an intense episode!

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