Friday, October 14, 2016

2m appointment

Forgot that Ez had his 2m appointment on Wednesday or Tuesday... I can't remember lol.
I took him by myself while DH stayed home.
Talk about awkward! lol
It went well though. He's gaining and growing but not on the curve of his birth weight. His ped said that his curve could be evening out to a more 'normal' one or something like that. He's 11lbs something and 22in long. I'm guessing that's pretty normal for a 2m old.

He got 3 vaccinations. One orally and the other 2 were shots. He really didn't cry. Kind of acted like he was going to then didn't. He cried more when his ped was looking him over lol.
But yeah... he's good :)
Think we're going to start feeding him more though. Sometimes 80mL is enough, but he seems to want more more often now so I think it's time to increase it to 100+. He seems to be happy with that amount most of the time. He'll sometimes whine after like he wants more, but when we've given him around 120, he'll usually spit up. So yeah.. I think 100 is a good amount at this time.

My milk supply should be able to keep up with that... for now. It seems to have FINALLY gotten back up to close to where it was at. Not quite there since I've dropped down to 6 pumps a day instead of 7. Not sure how that happened.. it just... did.
Doesn't seem to be a problem concerning my supply though so yay :) Hoping to eventually drop down to maybe 5x a day and still get the same amount. Would be nice to have more free time in between pumps. It's not too bad now, but sometimes it can feel like I don't have enough time to do much of anything. Especially when the kids are being particularly difficult.

Zoe is definitely testing my patience this morning. She knows she's doing something she's not supposed to be doing... will look me dead in the eye and still do it. Seriously child??
I do NOT like spanking, but I will do it and have the last couple of days.
She's also lying more now. It's not that she's mistaken and not remembering things right... no... it's blatant lying.
SO dang infuriating. Just gotta keep on her though and try to get it through to her 4yo head that lying is bad :\

Tomorrow is DH's birthday. Not doing anything special for it as far as I know. I'm sure I'll wake up with the kids so he can sleep in... but other than that.. meh.
He's not a big cake eater, but my fat ass is hoping he'll still want one! rofl

Something that did upset me.... one of DH's cousins posted some photos she took of MiL and niece at at a pumpkin patch yesterday.
Just upset b/c niece gets to do EVERYTHING with her granny while Zoe and Oren get left behind. Oren I'm not too worried about right now since he's still little and won't remember anything, but Zoe... Zoe will remember now and understands when she's being left out.
Zoe maybe gets weekend time with her granny and it's usually with niece there too so her attention is usually just on niece. And when that happens.. Zoe usually ends up at aunt's house.
I just want Zoe with her granny.... just them sometimes. And then when Oren is older... Just him with her.
MiL babysits niece all week long. Let her ass stay home some weekends so the other grandkids can get that quality time without distraction.
I know my kids aren't going to be as close to MiL only b/c MiL does babysit niece, but I dunno... it still upsets me when it seems like niece is the one that gets to do everything with her.
I mean hell... they could've at least called to see if I wanted to bring the kids along. Yeah, I probably would've said no b/c I'm so GD tired lately, but still.. just being invited to come along would've been nice.

Told DH that we need to take the kids to a pumpkin patch this weekend. Make our own memories with them and let them pick out some pumpkins :)
We did buy them a couple from the grocery store. Just little ones that were 4 for $5 lol. I don't even know where they are o_O Hmmmm

We're going to the fair on Monday too. I THINK SiL and BiL are both off that day so I'm hoping they'll actually pay attention and take care of their own child instead of making MiL do it. But that may be asking too much of them.
Take for instance when we go out to dinner on Fridays. Niece announces that she has to go to the bathroom.... stupid ass BiL "Oh, granny will take you." Dude... WTF?? Get your nasty greasy ass up and take your daughter to the F-ing bathroom!!!!

Zoe getting on my nerves... example..
This just happened...
She's playing with Oren. Gets annoyed with him and swipes all of the toys off the table they're playing on. I tell her to pick all of the toys up so she gets up, sits on the floor.. and does nothing. Sigh.....
Can't wait until Oren is a little older and can start picking up after himself.... or just ignoring me... :\

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