Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Patient 0

Apparently Oren was patient zero b/c everyone else got sick with a stomach bug too lol. I shouldn't LOL, but I will b/c GOOD :P
It's always someone else getting my kids sick.. so it's about time they give it. MUAHAHAHAHA
Seriously though... I think DH is the only one that came out fine from it all. Him and Ez.
That's just how stomach bugs are though. Super contagious and ya just gotta hope it passes quick.

Went to niece's birthday party on Sunday after the storm passed. It was actually a really nice day. Nice and cool. A bit breezy, but bright and sunny.
Kids had a blast.

I'm still ticked that no one ever bothers to wrap presents for our kids. Unless we get a bag for a present.. we ALWAYS wrap the present. That's half the fun when you're a kid. Seeing that present all wrapped up. Wondering what it is.. and then finally getting to tear it open.
My kids rarely get that joy from others b/c they don't ever frickin wrap the presents they give.
I know I sound ungrateful and I'm really not. I'm glad they get anything at all, but would it kill their relatives to spend like 5 minutes to wrap some shit up?? Or put more thought in to the gifts they give?
Case in point.... Zoe got this big Yoda thing that moves from SiL (and no it wasn't wrapped unless you count the walmart plastic bag she brought it in). Now it's pretty cool, but Zoe really isn't in to Star Wars. Not like she was before.
SiL would've known this if she had ever bothered to ask us what Zoe likes, but no.... she didn't (and never has bothered asking for any birthday or Christmas).
But I've made sure to always ask her what she'd like us to get for her girl.
It's just little things, but it's those little things that add up and just annoy the shit out of you.


DH has been an ass lately too. I know the kids can be draining and get on your last nerve when they won't stop whining, but he lets it get to him way too much and too often.
Dude... I deal with the kids all week long, all day long. I know how annoying they can be and yes, I've lost my shit a few times, but stop being an asshole and suck it up.
I know he was pissed off at me too for some reason b/c I got the good ole silent treatment for most of the weekend. Like dude.. seriously. WTF do you expect me to do? I try my best with our kids but they're kids and a newborn. They're not going to always listen and yeah, they're gonna be hella loud A LOT of the times.
Just ugh... he's been frustrating me lately b/c it feels like he's blaming me when the kids start up. I'm momming as best as I can and him getting pissed at me only makes me feel pissed and feel like a piece of shit.

In other news.. it's nice and cool outside! There was absolutely no transition from hot to cool. It was hot one week and then BAM, nice and cool.
Was hoping I'd have some time to grow a few more tomatoes, but doesn't look like it. Oh well.
Maybe next year we'll actually get more than 3 tomatoes we can eat. Sigh....
But.... the AC has been turned off and the windows have been opened. Cue the paranoia! lol
I always get so paranoid that someone is going to break in. It's even worse now that I'm up in the middle of the night pumping so I have to come out in to the dark living room and kitchen. Just scared that one day I'm going to see someone standing there.
I dunno why someone would target our house though. It's just the back windows open and we have one of those little signs out front advertising that we have a security system.
There are also much nicer houses closer to the exit of our neighborhood so hopefully we'll never be a target lol.

My milk supply seems to be staying steady at 550ish mL. Sigh.....
I did get 607 on Sunday even though I only pumped 5 times though. So maybe that means my supply wants to go back up a bit more.
It's been ok though. Going through the milk we have a bit faster, but it's still more than enough for now.
Ez is still eating around 80-120mL each time. Lately it's been 80-100 b/c he's been spitting up a little more than normal.
He's been good though. SUPER clingy and staying up longer.
He's also been wanting to stay up when I feed him in the middle of the night.
It's adorable looking down at him and seeing that cute little gummy smile, but little dude... go to sleep! lol
I didn't get back to sleep until 4:30 last night b/c he wanted to stay up and party! Then DH got up and I had to poop and only got in a broken hour of sleep before finally getting up. I'm glad to have gotten that, but still would've been nice to have gotten more. Sigh... sleep... how I miss you.

And yeah.... nothing much else going on here. Just doing the daily grind and trying not to go crazy from the whining..... So.... Much..... Whining....

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