Tuesday, October 25, 2016

HA! Oops!

So... guess what today is? It's DH's and my anniversary! I completely forgot until DH said something yesterday while we were going to Boo at the Zoo. He remembered but didn't realize that he had planned on playing poker with some friends today. And when he remembered the date... well.. oops.
I don't care if he goes. Hell.. if he had never said anything, I would not have remembered at all. Anniversary just never even popped in to my brain when thinking of any end of the year celebrations/events.
We can just do something this weekend. Meh.. I'm not worried about it at all.
Hell.. not even sure how long we've been married. I think 8 years? Think we've been together for something like 20 years.. or almost 20 years. We were both still teenagers. I just can't remember if I was 17 or 18.
Good lord....  if we had had an accident pregnancy back then.... we could potentially have a child in college or about to go to college! MAN that makes me feel old! rofl.

Anywho... we went to Boo at the Zoo last night. Kids had fun, but it wasn't nearly as good as it was last year. Not as many booths set up and most of them didn't give out any candy. I think all of the sponsored ones give the candy and the zoo ones give out these coloring cards w/ animals on them and crayons etc. Nice stuff, but ya know.. more candy would've been nice.
Just a big disappointment and makes us question if we want to go again next year. But like I said, the kids had fun.
My phone just sucks balls. Most of the pics I take come out blurry b/c it will unfocus right before taking the photo... the photo that took forever to take to begin with. Grrr... I need a new phone...

Oh and this was our first time going to the zoo since they remodeled some of it. The entrance now is a giant PITA!!!!
Their old entrance was nice and easy.. this one? You either have to go up a bunch of stairs to cross over a bridge that goes over train tracks, OR sit and wait for one of the 2 elevators. Yeah... with all the people pushing around babies and small kids... there was a nice LONG wait. So stupid since the bridge is the ONLY way to get to the entrance.

Oh, we had to go to Target the other day to get some more wipes and diapers. DH saw a sale going on that ended that day. If you buy $100 worth in toys/games, then you get $25 off. We thought that was a good deal, and since our kids aren't spoiled enough... we went ahead and bought them Christmas toys.
It's so easy to spend 100 when you're not meaning to, but when you actually want to? WAY more difficult than it should be. I mean, we could've picked just a couple of expensive things and been done with it, but we wanted to spread it out more so got a lot of smaller items. More blind bags for Zoe. A Rapunzel doll. Some Little People cars for Oren and Zoe.. etc.
Told DH that we need to make sure to take lots of photos.
Show it to them when they're older to show them when we cared :P rofl
Always saying we need to get rid of toys and hope no one buys them more.... then what do we do? Go buy them toys. SIGH.
Can't help it though. We see things they'll love and just gotta get it for them. And since it's for Christmas. Thinking about them seeing the presents under the tree and opening them up. You just can't get that kind of excitement as an adult anymore until you have kids. THEN you gotta wait until they're old enough to get excited lol.
But yeah... soon... we're definitely going to go through the toys and donate a lot of it. A LOT of it.

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