Thursday, October 13, 2016

They're all superheroes

Really shitty superheroes. Or well.. I should say super human instead.
Oren and Zoe both have the uncanny ability to totally ignore their baby brother... right up until the time he FINALLY falls asleep, then they want to hug and kiss all over him.


Sigh... I'm so exhausted.
Ezra is still fighting sleep and it's SO damn frustrating.
He was doing pretty well when he wakes at night. He'll wake just enough to eat and then goes back to sleep.
But lately he's been thinking it's time to get all smiley and cute and keeps me awake.
I don't like doing it b/c it's so dangerous, but I finally got fed up and laid him down in the bed with me in the crook of my arm. It wasn't good sleep by any means b/c my instinct wakes me up with every noise and movement he makes.
I did it again this morning too, but this time it was just for another hour.
I'm seriously falling asleep all throughout the day.

UGH, just feeling overwhelmed and exhausted right now. I just need sleep and need to be able to do at least one thing without Ez freaking the  F out when I get up to do anything.
The house is a damn mess again too which is driving me crazy.

So yeah... I have not been a good mommy this week. Really short fuse. Doesn't help that Zoe has been throwing some serious attitude lately too which ooooo.. ticks me off lol. 4yo is too you for this kind of tude! :P lol

Anyway.... Ez is finally asleep again after being woken up.... going to TRY to make some damn muffins.

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