Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fun at the fair!

Well, that should be 'Burnt to a crisp at the fair!'
UGH, why'd it have to get hot again??? Ok, so it's not hot hot, but when there are no clouds in the sky and minimal shade... it gets HOT.
My poor giant five head and most of my face got burned. Poor DH gets burned just looking out a window on a slightly sunny day so his ass definitely got burned lol.
Oh well.. it was mostly fun.

Can only upload 2 pics. The rest have family in them that I'm not comfy sharing here.. even though it wouldn't really matter, but ya know lol

 Bought Zoe and niece $30 unlimited ride bracelets. Think we got our moneys worth out of them. They had a blast riding all of the kiddie rides. Zoe wanted to go on the adult ones too lol. Maybe next year kid... maybe next year. Doubt she'll be tall enough, but maybe she'll have a big growth spurt lol.
Oren didn't really have an interest in riding anything. If he freaked out on the carousel at the mall, then I doubt he would've wanted to ride anything rofl.
Turns out a lot of kids freak out on the carousel though. Witnessed a whole lot of kids just freak the F out and death grip their parents like he did with DH hehe.

We took bottles of formula for Ez. Honestly... it did make me feel a little guilty, but meh. It was fine. He chugged them down no problem.

One thing that did piss me and DH off. We were in one of the buildings at the fair that had some of the farm stuff in it. DH and I went and sat down with Oren and Ez in their strollers. MiL, aunt, Zoe, niece and I think FiL were looking at one of the tables of stuff there. They WERE supposed to be watching Zoe. Thankfully I was keeping an eye on her and I mentioned to DH that she was wandering off and that they (inlaws) weren't paying attention. Sure enough... Zoe goes running off and there they were... completely fucking oblivious to it.
Zoe then proceeded to play cat and mouse with DH which seriously pissed us both off. She's lucky we were in public b/c if she pulled that crap at home, she would've gotten her butt whooped.
But inlaws not fucking paying attention is what pisses me off the most. It was a good thing that I was watching her b/c what if I wasn't. She would've been gone. Whether if it was just lost, or some crazy pervert could've snatched her.
That really f-ing scares the hell out of me that they weren't paying attention. Need DH to say something about it b/c when they do take Zoe on the weekends, they usually go out shopping with her.
There was also another instance when we were all sitting down eating. Aunt was supposed to be watching niece when suddenly she says "I really hope *niece* went with *her husband*."
Yeah.... going to have DH say something b/c that shit is not going to fly.

Anyway....they left around 6 and we left a little after 8. Gave niece's bracelet to someone. They put them on their wrists and you're not supposed to take them off, but she was able to pull hers off without ripping it. Gave it to a parent with a small boy. Hope they were able to use it while they were there :)
We also had 3 ride tickets left that we gave to another family. Not many, but it will be enough for one ride on something small :)

I went just over 9 hours of no pumping. Holy crap my boobs were killing me on the ride home. At the fair.. I could ignore it, but on the way home with the seat belt just lightly touching my boobs just about killed me lol
I was SO engorged and in so much pain.
Even with going so long.. I still only pumped about 270ml. Sigh.... and total, it was still only around 30 or so less than what I've been pumping lately. So not too bad overall, but upset that my boobs just don't make more.
I know I know... I shouldn't be beating myself up over this STILL.... I just wish my body worked right for once.

I think the game plan is to wait until it's the new year before we start being healthy again. There's just too much shit at the end of the year to even bother, so yeah... new years resolution.
Hoping by then that I'll have enough energy and that Ez will be a little bit more independent of me so he'll be ok to be on his own while I exercise.
Gotta get healthy and hope my body starts doing what it should. I know I'm probably on the border of being diabetic and really do not want to have to take insulin. Bad enough I have to take metformin which still gives me the shits.

I want to aim for another Christmas goal. By 2017 Christmas.... be in a size soandso, or lose X amount of weight or something. I kinda want to stay away from the lose X amount of weight goal since that always seems to set you up for failure.... so I may try the be in a size X goal instead. Maybe do a progression type of thing. We'll see though. Would love to be one of those stories you always see posted on FB where the person loses like 100lbs in a year! lol, but pfft, that's not gonna happen. Not with my love of junk food and laziness lol

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